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18 July, 2021

Chest Strap System Monitors Severity Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Researchers at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, have developed a system to monitor the severity of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. The system includes a commercial chest strap sensor that measures heart rate variability and a paired app that collects, collates, and presents these data, allowing patients to monitor their condition and share information with their clinician.

17 July, 2021

Burnham-On-Sea Artist Donates Pet Portrait To Winner Of ‘Pawfect Virtual Bake Off’

Burnham-On-Sea artist Felicity Franks has donated a pet portrait to the winner of an online baking competition.

16 July, 2021

Tillicoultry Woman Kelly-Marie Set To Support People Suffering From Fibromyalgia

A Scottish woman is set to scale Dumyat in a bid to secure vital support for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, following her own diagnosis.

15 July, 2021

‘I Shouldn’t Have To Beg For My Life’

A profile of Canadian ME/CFS sufferer Madeline. (*Warning: This article discusses death.)

14 July, 2021

Young Woman With Chronic Pain Calls Out 'Old People' Slamming Her For Parking In Disabled Spots Because She 'Doesn't Look Disabled'

A social media influencer from Melbourne with Fibromyalgia has called out 'old people' who slam her for using disability parking because she 'doesn't look disabled'.

13 July, 2021

‘Health Systems Should Be Prepared’: Doctors Brace For Tsunami Of Long Covid

As the debilitating post-viral condition affects millions around the world, medical experts are scrambling to nail down what causes it – and how to treat it.

12 July, 2021

The Debilitating Illness Of ME

A profile of US ME/CFS sufferer Wade Walters.

11 July, 2021

ME/CFS International Conference 2021: RID-Research Innovation And Discovery

This hybrid conference includes selected keynote international and national speakers from USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

10 July, 2021

Fibromyalgia Likely The Result Of Autoimmune Problems

New research has shown that many of the symptoms in fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) are caused by antibodies that increase the activity of pain-sensing nerves throughout the body. The results show that fibromyalgia is a disease of the immune system, rather than the currently held view that it originates in the brain.

09 July, 2021

Girl, 10, pens letter asking McDonald's to 'compromise' over her delivery demands

British schoolgirl Georgia May Hibbert, who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, found out McDonald's didn't deliver to her area and decided to put pen to paper in a bid to change things.

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