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06 June, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Disabled Woman Left Housebound As She Can't Afford To Charge Her Mobility Scooter

UK Fibromyalgia sufferer Jacquie Dean relies heavily on her mobility equipment due to her arthritic knees and fibromyalgia, but due to the rising living costs she can no longer afford to power her scooter.

06 June, 2022

New Treatment Approaches Offer Hope To Patients Struggling With Long COVID

A profile of Australian long-COVID sufferers Bruce and Di McCallum.

05 June, 2022

How ME Took Away Heather's Busy Life

Heather Ward went from being a highly paid professional working for an international engineering and construction company to being mainly housebound without even the energy to read a book.

05 June, 2022

Kirsty Young Reveals Fibromyalgia Left Her Feeling Like She Had 'Glass In My Joints'

A profile of UK radio presenter and Fibromyalgia sufferer Kirsty Young.

04 June, 2022

Mum Lost Her Business After Sleeping All Day

A UK mum was forced to close her 10-year-old business after sleeping all day due to ME/CFS.

04 June, 2022

Women May Be Experiencing More Long COVID Than Men. We Don't Know Why.

a growing body of published studies suggest the female sex is a risk factor for long COVID. In fact, being female may be a "significant predictor" of whether someone will go on to experience persistent symptoms like exertion intolerance, breathlessness, muscle pain, and more.

03 June, 2022

What Long Covid Patients Can Learn From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients

Similarities between symptoms suffered by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and long Covid patients have prompted experts to call for more research into both conditions.

03 June, 2022

COVID-19: Solo New Zealand Mum With Multiple Chronic Illnesses Trapped At Home Because People Won't Wear Masks

A chronically ill woman is terrified to leave her home in case she catches COVID-19 because people aren't wearing masks. Olivia*, who wished to remain anonymous, suffers from several chronic illnesses including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, anxiety and depression.

02 June, 2022

Disabled Woman Says Sunak’s Measures Won’t Make ‘A Difference In My Purse’

Julie Inglis, 53, was forced to retire after multiple strokes, and now lives with several conditions, including fibromyalgia.

02 June, 2022

Poor Knowledge Of ME/CFS Among Doctors Puts Patients At Risk Of Harm

Doctors with M.E. Founder and Director Dr. KN Hng, Director Dr. Keith Geraghty and Honorary Fellow Prof. Derek Pheby report their findings regarding ME/CFS knowledge and understanding amongst the medical community following an audit of hospital doctors at a training event in the UK.

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