Our Services

People in the ME/CFS community have different needs in the ways they communicate. We seek to meet these varied needs by catering for people who are housebound or geographically isolated; those who are able to meet face to face; people who can only read hard copy; and those who are online.

While most of our services are available to the public, only members receive our magazine, newsletters and access to Member Resources. Online seminars and special events are only open to members.

Annual membership is only $5.

Welcome pack

New members receive a welcome pack that has information on our organisation and on ME/CFS. This includes the latest issue of our magazine, Talking Point, and recent newsletters.

Talking Point magazine

Our journal has the latest information from around the world about ME/CFS, research and managing life with the illness. Talking Point also covers what has been happening locally and within our organisation. We make this available in both digital and hard copy.

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Our in-person seminars are open to the public and feature presentations from health professionals, researchers and other experts. Special events are held when visiting speakers come to Adelaide.

Seminars also provide a friendly opportunity for people to catch up over afternoon tea, in an environment that accommodates the special needs of our community.

Seminars are recorded and made available on DVD, or via electronic copy in Member Resources.

Our Teams+Our Services: Seminar Martin Lewis
SACOSS: Dr Martin Lewis presenting on SAHMRI research.

Awareness and advocacy

We undertake a wide range of advocacy and awareness activities on behalf of our community. People in our community and members of the public are invited to participate in this work.

Awareness is raised through events; public displays; and social and conventional media. Our audience includes the public, health practitioners, politicians, educators and other people of influence.

Advocacy activities include writing submissions, engaging with policy makers, and representation on government and not-for-profit working groups.

Our Services: Adelaide Oval 2017 edited
#LightUpTheNight: Adelaide Oval lit blue for May12th ME/CFS Awareness global event. Organised by Jac Oliver.

Other services

  • Social events
    Catch-ups, support groups and special events, both in person and online.
  • Newsletters
    Local news by email or hard copy.
  • Resources
    We have a library of books and DVDs on ME/CFS.
  • Website
    Our website offers wide-ranging information. Additional resources are provided for members through the Member Resources login.
  • Online support
    We disseminate information via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
    The ME/CFS Australia Community private Facebook group provides an opportunity to discuss the lived experience of ME/CFS with others.
  • Telephone and email enquiry service
    Ph: 0493 468 288 Available 2pm - 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Research
    ME/CFS SA contributes to research through consultation, co-design and recruiting participants.
  • Collaborations
    We collaborate with not-for-profit or commercial organisations to offer additional services to the ME/CFS community.

These services may adapt to changing circumstances. For example, currently most face-to-face services are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Last edited: 17 January, 2024