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16 September, 2021

Fibromyalgia Symptoms More Common In Patients With Postacute COVID-19 Syndrome

While obesity and male gender are factors associated with developing post-COVID-19 fibromyalgia (FM), with approximately 30% of patients affected, clinical features of FM are more common in participants who had postacute COVID-19 syndrome (PACS), according to a study published in BMJ.

15 September, 2021

Will There Ever Be A Test For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Research carried out at Imperial College London recently suggested that long Covid could be diagnosed through a simple blood test.

14 September, 2021

11 Great Squash Books For National Book Day

An article featuring books on the sport of squash, including Shattered: A Champion’s Fight Against A Mystery Illness, by Peter Marshall. Peter's illness was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

13 September, 2021

Withdrawal Of Planned Guidance On ME Upsets Patients

Advocating for behavioural approaches means condition has been relegated to a psychological problem, campaigners say.

12 September, 2021

Alcohol: How Badly Can It Affect Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers?

An article about alcohol and ME/CFS.

11 September, 2021

Scots Woman's Rescue Dogs 'Saved Her From Paralysis And Encouraged Her To Get Divorce'

A profile of Scottish Fibromyalgia sufferer Alison Skillin.

10 September, 2021

Long Covid Care: ‘There Has Been A Sense Of Swimming Upstream On My Own’

One patient tells of 18-month waiting time to access a Covid clinic, says Mayo GP.

09 September, 2021

'We Hope That We Can Stop Another Child From Doing What Daisy Did'

*WARNING: This article contains content about suicide that may be triggering for some readers.
A profile of ME/CFS sufferer Daisy Long, who recently took her own life.

08 September, 2021

Mechanisms Of Long COVID Remain Unknown But Data Are Rolling In

A year and a half into the pandemic, the long-term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection are garnering more research attention as millions of long COVID patients emerge.

07 September, 2021

'Forced To Live Off £8.30 A Day' - Man's Fear At Impending Benefit Cut

One Universal Credit claimant from Suffolk, and suffers from ME/CFS, is facing up to the harsh reality of a life where that will be his daily budget – as he braces himself for a £20 a week cut to his benefits.

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