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10 May, 2022

Defamation Lawsuit Against Netflix Over ‘Afflicted’ Docuseries Allowed To Proceed

The subjects of the docuseries argued that they were misled into signing releases that waived all of their legal rights. A state appellate court agreed in a ruling that may impact the liberties that documentarians enjoy to weave certain narratives after shooting.

09 May, 2022

The Threat Of Long COVID Means We Can’t Pull Punches On Vaccines, Tests, And Masks

An article published in Fortune magazine.

09 May, 2022

Rise Of Long COVID Prompts Chronic Fatigue Patients, Doctors To Push For Greater Recognition And Research

After living with MECFS for 23 years, Jennifer Bailey-Tuck says it's important sufferers are diagnosed — and believed.

08 May, 2022

Circadian Rhythm Disruption In Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Implications For The Post-Acute Sequelae Of COVID-19

Research published in the journal Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health.

08 May, 2022

The #1 COVID Symptom That Never Goes Away

A review of 21 studies found 13-33% of people were fatigued 16-20 weeks after their COVID symptoms started.

07 May, 2022

Epicgenetics New Collaboration With The University Of Illinois

EpicGenetics, the world’s only laboratory to offer an objective, university medical center developed, award-winning, highly test sensitive and test specific diagnostic test for Fibromyalgia, an immune deficiency medical disease known to affect nearly 1 out of every 15 people, has announced a collaboration with the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy to develop immune system modulating methods to address the immune system deficiencies and related medical pathways that have been documented as the diagnosable basis of Fibromyalgia.

07 May, 2022

CNS Imaging Characteristics In Fibromyalgia Patients With And Without Peripheral Nerve Involvement

Research that tested the hypothesis that reduced skin innervation in fibromyalgia syndrome is associated with specific CNS changes.

06 May, 2022

Fibromyalgia Patient Determined To Take Charge Of Her Life

A profile of Malaysian Fibromyalgia sufferer Nur Rieya Abdullah.

06 May, 2022

Sinead O'Connor: Singer Quit Music In Past Due To 'Difficulty' With Fibromyalgia

The Singer Shuhada Sadaqat, born with the name Sinead O'Connor, has an incurable disease which at one point forced her into a mini-retirement.

05 May, 2022

Study Says Women More Likely To Have Symptomatic Long COVID

A study finds that women are more likely to have symptomatic Long COVID, with breathlessness being the most common symptom.

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