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19 September, 2023

Long Covid Is A New Name For An Old Syndrome

Long Covid goes by many names. Today, it is no longer a new public health enigma, but the outlook for sufferers is no better than when the condition was first recognized in early 2020. Although its prevalence has recently decreased to 6% of the U.S. adult population, there has been no significant progress in understanding its causes, prevention, or treatment. Long Covid still looms as the national health disaster many predicted. Everyone — patients, support groups, clinicians, researchers, and health care systems — is frustrated by lack of meaningful progress in research and patient care.

19 September, 2023

Enhancing The Endocannabinoid System In ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia And Long COVID: The Beta-Caryophyllene Option

An article by Health Rising's Cort Johnson.

18 September, 2023

Celebrating The Life Of Frederick Wolfe, MD: ‘The Consummate Physician-Scientist’

The rheumatology community is mourning the death of Frederick Wolfe, MD, who contributed invaluably to the world of medical research and was instrumental in classifying fibromyalgia.

18 September, 2023

Fletcher Postpones Tour After Lyme Disease Diagnosis: ‘This Has Worn On My Soul’

Pop artist says the disease "has not only taken a tremendous toll on my physical body, it has also caused concern for my voice as well".

18 September, 2023

Beyond The Obvious: Understanding VA Benefits For Inconspicuous Conditions

Oftentimes, US veteran’s injuries are obvious. A shrapnel scar, a torn rotator cuff, or a hernia are all likely to be immediately obvious even to laymen. But what about diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or traumatic brain injury (TBI)? How can a veteran comprehensively display their symptoms for illnesses like Gulf War, Irritable Bowel, or Chronic Fatigue Syndromes?

17 September, 2023

Rheumatology Pioneer Who Helped Identify Fibromyalgia Dies At 87

Frederick Wolfe, MD, a pioneer in rheumatology who was instrumental in classifying fibromyalgia, died Sept. 5 at 87. Dr. Wolfe graduated from Queens College in New York City in 1958 and earned his medical degree in 1966 from Albany-based State University of New York, according to his obituary. He enlisted in the Air Force two years later and was honorably discharged as a captain in 1970. From there he founded the Wichita Arthritis Center in 1974 and became a clinical professor of internal medicine at the Lawrence-based University of Kansas in 1979.

17 September, 2023

“As A Disabled Person And Full-Time Carer, Cannabis Enables Me To Support My Partner”

Kerry Davies shares how medicinal cannabis helps her manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.

17 September, 2023

Protein May Be Linked To Exercise Intolerance In ME/CFS

A team of NIH researchers led by Drs. Paul Hwang, Avindra Nath, and Brian Walitt have been studying a woman who took days to recover after physical exertion and several of her relatives at the NIH Clinical Center. Their findings were published on August 22, 2023, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

16 September, 2023

Working Life | ‘Fibromyalgia Is As Much A Part Of Me As My Red Hair And Love Of Leopard Print’

Stacey Smith, part of the commercial services team at London’s National Gallery, talks about the things that can make a difference for disabled workers.

16 September, 2023

Belle And Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch To Publish Debut Novel

Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch will publish his debut novel, Nobody’s Empire, in September 2024, through HarperVia in North America and Faber in the United Kingdom. Part memoir and part fiction, the novel is set in Glasgow and California in the early 1990s and follows a character searching for “a new-world reinvention” after his hospitalization with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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