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06 July, 2024

The Role Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Treating Fibromyalgia, With Shai Efrati, MD

In an interview with HCPLive, Shai Efrati, MD, co-investigator and founder and director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at Shamir Medical Center, discusses his recent study evaluating hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) compared with pharmacological treatment among adults with fibromyalgia related to childhood sexual abuse (CSA). The research program aims to regenerate damaged brain tissue and, initially, investigators focused on patients with traumatic brain injuries. However, Efrati’s interest in fibromyalgia began when his mother’s fibromyalgia had gotten progressively worse—to the point where she could not interact with her grandchildren. This personal experience drove home the reality that fibromyalgia is a biological, not psychological, condition.

05 July, 2024

Got Pain? How New Approaches Could Offer Relief

New treatments for chronic pain offer hope for many doing it tough with "terrible" long-term disabling symptoms, including perhaps those with Long Covid or other syndromes, medical experts say. A duo from the University of Otago - senior surgery lecturer John Douglas Dunbar and Associate Professor and GP Hamish Wilson told Sunday Morning's Jim Mora that new understandings about what causes persistent pain from medical research points to new approaches for helping patients reduce chronic pain. And there is reason also see potential spin off benefits for those living with long term fatigue, which is often associated with pain.

05 July, 2024

How To Fix $1.6 Billion Long COVID Program: Experts Weigh In

When the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched a $1 billion dollar research effort in 2021 focused on long COVID, hopes were high that it would lead to some answers for the mysterious riddle of the complex condition. Now, more than 3 years later and with total funding of about $1.6 billion, critics contend the federal government has little to show for its efforts. Disappointment runs high among long COVID specialists and patients, who cite poor scientific coordination, few treatments that go beyond symptom management, and a lack of clinical trials focused on pharmaceutical interventions. Grace McComsey, MD, who leads one of the 15 nationwide long COVID centers funded by the federal Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery (RECOVER) Initiative in Cleveland, contended that RECOVER isn't getting enough credit for what it's trying to do, and critics need to be more realistic about how long things will take. If you look at long COVID through the lens of other diseases such as HIV, it took many years and many billions of dollars to find viable treatments, she said.

04 July, 2024

Isolation As Rural Folk Endure Long Waits For NDIS Help

People living with disability in country Australia are left housebound, isolated and lonely as they face long delays to see specialists and access the NDIS.

04 July, 2024

Disabled Adults Urged To Have A Go At Sports Day With A Difference

A charity is encouraging people with a disability to come along to its free sports day in Enniskillen on Sunday. Shelley Cowan set up JustUs in 2019 to help boost accessibility and inclusivity for the disabled. As a teenager she was left bed-bound for 12 years by chronic fatigue syndrome (ME). Shelley was gradually able to use a wheelchair, which she was in for another decade. With the help of the Buddy Bear school in Dungannon, which teaches children with cerebral palsy, she managed to walk again. In April Shelley set herself the challenge of climbing the Cuilcagh boardwalk trail in Fermanagh in aid of JustUs.

03 July, 2024

The Long Arm Of Long COVID In Utah

We haven’t talked about long COVID in a long time. But there are millions of Americans still suffering. And here in Utah, there aren’t exceptions for people having long COVID. “Six-point-eight percent of adults in the United States have long COVID,” said Dr. Melanie Hoppers, a practicing physician, board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics with the Bateman Horne Center in Salt Lake City. “That’s 17 million adults. In Salt Lake City, 10,000 adults have long COVID, and that’s rounded down.” Children suffer with long COVID, too. “Five-point-eight million children in America have long COVID, which extrapolates down to about 2,000 in Salt Lake City,” Hoppers explained.

03 July, 2024

Study Shows High Fibromyalgia Prevalence Or Symptoms In Rheumatic Patients

A study presented at EULAR 2024 found fibromyalgia and worse pain, symptom severity, and depression scores were linked to a risk of low medication adherence.

02 July, 2024

What Is POTS? Explaining The Syndrome Affecting Christina Applegate’s Daughter Sadie

Christina Applegate’s 13-year-old daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble revealed this week that she has been diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, also known as POTS. On Tuesday’s episode of Applegate’s “MeSsy” podcast, LeNoble opened up about her condition, “I have something called POTS. I have no clue what it actually is, but it’s something to do with the autonomic nervous system, and it affects my heart. When I stand up, I get really, really dizzy, and my legs get really weak and I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

02 July, 2024

'You’re In A Room Of People That Get It’: Northern Colorado Long COVID Support Group Navigates Life After COVID Together

After contracting a COVID-19 infection, Nate Freeman of Windsor lost hope as symptoms of long COVID lingered well after his infection. A support group for long COVID patients that began meeting this year gave him hope for the first time since he fell ill. As many struggling with addiction go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to find community, Freeman sees parallels between addiction recovery and long COVID recovery. “You have to recognize that I’m dealing with something that I can’t control,” Freeman said. “I need to get help. I need to ask for help. I need to not do it alone.” The Long COVID Informational, Discussion and Support group meets for two hours monthly in the Longs Peak Conference Room at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies, 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave., in Loveland. The group’s facilitators welcome virtual attendees with an understanding that some people may not be able to attend in person.

01 July, 2024

Success In Treating Persistent Pain Now Offers Hope For Those With Long COVID

The emergence of Long COVID as a mysterious new illness has refocused attention on the incapacitating nature of persistent fatigue. Around the world, this unexpected outcome of the pandemic is now a significant health issue causing considerable personal suffering, absences from work and high projected societal costs. An added burden for Long COVID patients arises from medical scepticism and social stigma, which leads to self-doubt and shame. So far, the focus has been on the lack of available treatments, implying there is no cure. But persistent fatigue also often accompanies chronic pain. Emerging understandings of the neurophysiology of pain and sensation now provide more optimism for people with Long COVID.

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