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22 December, 2020

'Long Covid' Guidance Urges Referral To UK Clinics After Four Weeks

NICE issues first guidelines but ME campaigners say they lack symptom management advice.

23 March, 2021

'Long Covid' Sufferers Could Endure Years Of Disabling Effects

Covid-19 sufferers and those who have recovered may not be out of the woods and could still suffer from long-term Covid effects which could impact the rest of their lives.

12 November, 2020

'ME Has Impacted My Entire Life, But Not On My Ability To Paint… That In Itself Is An Absolute, Glorious Joy'

A profile of Scottish artist and ME/CFS sufferer Stephen Redpath.

28 May, 2021

'My Gender Transition Helped Me Overcome A Life-Long Pain Condition That Left Me Isolated From My Peers'

Leith Ramage suffered daily with fibromyalgia, but since taking hormones to aid his physical gender transition he said that pain has reduced substantially.

19 December, 2020

'People Are Abused Every Day Because Their Fight Isn't Visible': This Inspiring Campaign Is Raising Awareness Of Invisible Illnesses

An article from the UK's Glamour magazine.

29 July, 2020

'Something Is Just Still Sitting There': Alaskans Recovered From Coronavirus Feel Lasting Effects

A report from Alaskan news outlet 11KTVA.

13 July, 2020

'This Is Real': COVID-19 Long-Hauler's Months Of Agony

A profile of long-term COVID-19 sufferer Scott Krakower.

23 August, 2021

'We Are In The Dark': Despair For ME Patients As Doctors Can't Agree On Treatment

People with ME, otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, are still waiting for doctors to agree on the best way to treat the condition.

09 September, 2021

'We Hope That We Can Stop Another Child From Doing What Daisy Did'

*WARNING: This article contains content about suicide that may be triggering for some readers.
A profile of ME/CFS sufferer Daisy Long, who recently took her own life.

06 July, 2020

'What If I Don't Get Better?' Some COVID-19 Survivors Struggle With Symptoms For weeks, Even Months, Mystifying Doctors

Profiles of US post-COVID-19 sufferers.

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