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07 April, 2021

‘Horizon’ TV Interview Gives A Hugely Encouraging Boost To People With ME/CFS

In the ‘Horizon’ programme on BBC2, 25 February 2021, which provided several updates on the coronavirus crisis, there was a hugely encouraging short discussion on Long Covid and its similarities with ME/CFS and other viral fatigue syndromes.

06 April, 2021

How COVID Long-Haulers Might Renew The Focus On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Calls for research that links COVID long-haulers with ME/CFS sufferers.

05 April, 2021

Living With Long Covid: Thousands In The UK Still Suffer Months After Covid Diagnosis | 5 News

It is frightening enough catching Covid. But imagine that you have come through it, that your doctors say you no longer have the disease; that now you should be fine. Only you know that you're not fine. In fact, you may be one of the tens of thousands of people in the UK with what's come to be known as Long Covid. It leaves some short of breath, others in wheelchairs, others exhausted and unable to concentrate... It is something many people may have to live with long after the epidemic has passed.

04 April, 2021

‘We Love The People Here In The Community And Want To Stay,’ Says Fibromyalgia Wellspring Founder

The Foundation’s building in downtown Aldergrove is up for sale, forcing thrift shop to find new location.

03 April, 2021

Disabled Kiwis 'Tired Of Being Ignored' Descend On Parliament

New Zealanders from Invercargill to Auckland met at Parliament on Tuesday (23 March 2021) to present a petition calling for an independent regulatory body to be led and run by disabled people.

02 April, 2021

Women Are Still Branded ‘Hysterical’ Because Of Chronic Illnesses Which Are Under-Researched And Under-Funded

‘If men more frequently got it, you could imagine that it would be at the front of the queue for funding’

01 April, 2021

Disabled Kāpiti Coast Man Lives In Car For 19 Years, Calls For Benefit Bump

A disabled man who has been living in his car for 19 years is calling on the New Zealand Government to increase welfare support for people with medical bills to pay.

31 March, 2021

Long COVID Has A Baffling Sister: ME/CFS

Long COVID is the condition wherein people continue to experience symptoms for longer than usual after initially contracting COVID-19. Those symptoms are similar to the ones of another long-haul disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, often called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

30 March, 2021

UK Woman, 27, With Fibromyalgia Is Left Humiliated After Roofer Left Her A SEVEN-MINUTE Voicemail Branding Her 'A Lazy Slob' Who 'Isn't Pretty Anymore'

A woman was left feeling humiliated after a roofer unwittingly left her a voicemail insulting her appearance and blasting her as a 'lazy slob'.

29 March, 2021

Devon Police Officer With Fibromyalgia Wins Harassment Claim After Boss Told Her To Lose Weight To Gain Respect

A police officer based in Devon who has Fibromyalgia has won a harassment claim after her boss told her that she would earn the respect of her colleagues if she tried to lose some weight.

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