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26 June, 2024

Antibodies From Long Covid Patients Prompt Symptoms In Mice

Two new studies suggest dysfunctional immune system attacking a patient's own tissues might drive the challenging condition.

25 June, 2024

New Benefit For Persons With Fibromyalgia And M.E Condition

Persons with Fibromyalgia and M.E. in Malta can receive a new benefit from next August with the amount being determined according to the severity of the condition.

25 June, 2024

The Story Behind Morgan Freeman’s Gloved Left Hand: A Tale Of Resilience

Morgan Freeman, the iconic actor with an unforgettable voice, has sparked curiosity on recent outings with a glove on his left hand. While this isn’t new, it’s a reminder of his incredible resilience following a life-altering car accident in 2008.

24 June, 2024

Long Covid Feels Like A Gun To My Head

An article by long-COVID sufferer Rachel Hall-Clifford.

24 June, 2024

Knowledge, Perceptions, And Use Of Psychedelics Among Individuals With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a difficult to treat chronic pain condition for which there is strong interest in alternative treatments. There is growing interest in the potential of psychedelic substances (e.g., psilocybin) in conjunction with psychotherapy to treat chronic pain. Via a cross-sectional, anonymous, online survey, we aimed to characterize knowledge, perceptions, and past use of serotonergic (“classic”) and non-serotonergic psychedelics among a population of individuals with FM, and to investigate interest in psychedelic-based FM treatments. Among a North American population of 354 participants with FM, 29.9% reported past use of a psychedelic, with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and psilocybin mushrooms being most commonly used. Perceptions of benefit from psychedelic use were generally neutral (59.4%) or positive (36.8%), with <3% reporting negative impacts on overall health or pain symptoms. Among 12 participants who used psychedelics with intentions of treating chronic pain, 11 reported improved symptoms. Regardless of past use, the majority of participants believed that psychedelics have potential for chronic pain treatments and would be willing to participate in a psychedelic-based clinical trial for their pain. These findings support the need for additional studies to understand the potential and effectiveness of psychedelic substances in managing FM symptoms.

23 June, 2024

FIRST Questionnaire Can Help Detect Fibromyalgia In RA Patients

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia was associated with a negative impact on the evolution of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), leading investigators of a recent study to call for a greater emphasis on optimal screening strategies. Results of the study, which were presented at the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR) 2024, indicate presence of fibromyalgia was associated with greater disease activity in RA, but investigators also found a novel self-questionnaire could help improve diagnosis of concomitant fibromyalgia in this patient population.

23 June, 2024

“No Amount Of Coffee Can Keep Me Awake”: Impact Of Long COVID On Women

Women’s health has often been marginalized in medical research and healthcare practices, historically. For many years, clinical studies primarily focused on male participants, leading to a significant gap in understanding and addressing the unique health needs of women. This oversight has resulted in delayed diagnoses, inadequate treatment protocols, and a general lack of awareness about conditions that disproportionately or exclusively affect women. The repercussions of this neglect are evident in various health outcomes, including the management of chronic illnesses, reproductive health, and more recently, the differentiated impact of conditions like long COVID.

23 June, 2024

Woman Criticises Roman Allied Pharmacy In Wiltshire

A Wiltshire woman says she was left in “chronic pain” after a row over “missing medication” from a pharmacy. Last month Danielle Dawkins visited Allied Pharmacy in Durrington to pick up medication used to treat her fibromyalgia. But when she and her husband returned home, she claimed she was “missing” her 200mg prescription of Pregabalin, taken to treat nerve pain. Without this medication, Mrs Dawkins suffers serious pain, but when she reported the issue pharmacy staff maintained the medication was dispensed.

22 June, 2024

New Long COVID/CFS Guidelines To Drop Graded Exercise Therapy

New Australian guidelines for treating long covid and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome are to be developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council – but we already know what the biggest change will be. They will recommend against graded exercise therapy, which patient advocates say is discredited, harmful and out of step with other countries’ guidelines.

22 June, 2024

‘A 30-Second Walk Would Exhaust Me Beyond Reason’: Natacha’s Life With Long Covid

Natacha Gray had an active life, diving, climbing and playing music, before illness left her so tired she would collapse on the way to the couch. She discusses two and a half devastating years – and how she stays optimistic.

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