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19 March, 2024

Long COVID Awareness Day: As People Suffer, Little Is Understood

March 15 marks Long COVID Awareness Day. The day is designed to shed greater light on a mysterious condition, post-acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC) or Long COVID. The medical condition is particularly vexing as it does not have any definitive diagnostic tests, therapeutic treatments, and limited clinical information for providers and patients to really understand it. Along with a multitude of symptoms, one of the significant health issues associated with the condition is neurological. Specifically, brain fog has often been a persistent symptom of the condition. In recent commentary published in the New England Journal of Medicine, clinicians remarked on studies looking at the cognitive issues associated with Long COVID.

19 March, 2024

Edwina Bartholomew Opens Up About Surprising Marriage Setup

Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew has candidly shared insights into her unique marital setup that has taken many by surprise. In a revelation that defies conventional living arrangements, Edwina Bartholomew reveals truth behind shock marriage arrangement, which includes living in separate homes and having different sleeping quarters. This arrangement, while unconventional, has sparked interest and curiosity about the dynamics of modern relationships. The arrangement aids her husband’s recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome.

19 March, 2024

Davich: Four Years After Pandemic Declaration, COVID-19 Continues To Infect Our Thoughts

Jerry Davich: "On March 10, 2020, I attended a corporate steel-making event at Avalon Manor Banquet Center. A man sitting behind me kept coughing, so much so that I had concerns of catching whatever he had. The next day, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic after recording 118,000 cases in 114 countries and 4,291 deaths. I immediately flashed back to that public event, packed with 300 guests."

18 March, 2024

More Research And Funding Needed For Health Conditions That Affect Women, Dr Mary Ryan Says

Ahead of International Women's Day, RSVP talk to Dr Mary Ryan about the barriers facing women in medicine as well as the research and funding needed into women's health conditions.

18 March, 2024

Parents Of Son With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Want More Research Into Disease

An article about Australian ME/CFS sufferer Dan Harris.

18 March, 2024

New Landmark Study Offers Hope To People With Long Covid

A new landmark study from the National Institutes of Health sheds important light on ME/CFS and offers hope for the millions of people living with this disease and the closely related condition of long covid. This study is notable in that it is the most in-depth and multidisciplinary study of ME/CFS to date, involving more than 75 investigators across 15 NIH institutes and taking nearly eight years to complete. The manuscript, published in Nature Communications, is 29 pages long, with more than 60 pages of supplemental information.

17 March, 2024

'She's A Soulmate' - The Incredible Impact One Woman's Dog Has Had On Her Life

A profile of UK ME/CFS sufferer Laura Wild and her support dog, Summer.

17 March, 2024

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Says It's Time To Stop Using The Term 'Long COVID'

The term "long COVID" should be scrapped, according to Queensland's Chief Health Officer, because it creates unnecessary fear — and is "probably harmful". John Gerrard said the description wrongly implied long-term post-COVID viral symptoms were "somehow unique and exceptional" to other viral infections, but new research suggested they were indistinguishable.

17 March, 2024

It’s Been 4 Years Since COVID Hit Michigan. For Long COVID Patients, The Pandemic Isn’t Over.

Four years have passed since Ohio Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency to address the COVID-19 pandemic on March 10, 2020. But the disease remains more than a memory, especially for those whose lives are continually impacted by the illness. Robert McCann, 46, was exposed to COVID-19 at a Lansing-area veterinary clinic which was tied to an outbreak of the disease in June 2020. About a day after testing positive, McCann, the executive director of the K-12 Alliance of Michigan, said he started to feel sick. “At the time, it wasn’t anything, like, horrible and the symptoms went away probably after a week or so,” McCann said. “I figured, OK, that wasn’t too bad, I’ve moved on.” In the fall, McCann’s symptoms returned and persisted, despite testing negative for the illness. More than three and a half years later, McCann says he still faces issues with severe fatigue, nerve pain and brain fog from Long COVID.

16 March, 2024

Critical Care Physician Battles Long COVID With Hope And Grit

An article by US doctor and long-COVID sufferer Sonali Mantoo, MD.

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