Our History

ME/CFS South Australia has a long history of serving the ME/CFS community, not just in South Australia, but nationally and internationally.

Since February 1987, many dedicated volunteers have given generously of their time, energy and skills to improve the lives of those with ME/CFS.

It is this generosity of spirit, desire to help and determination to improve the situation for those with ME/CFS, that has brought so many volunteers together over the decades. Today's actions build on a long tradition of working together to make a difference.



SA Support Group established.


ME Syndrome Society Inc established 2 February 1987.

c. 1999

Website established. 

c. 1997 - c. 2008

SAYME (South Australian Youth with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) supported the unique needs of South Australians up to 30 years of age with ME/CFS, by providing its own newsletters, magazine, website, catch ups, events, and even a camp in 2003.

2003 - 2004

SA Department of Health, clinicians and patients worked together to develop the ME/CFS Guidelines for GPs in SA. Published in 2004 and based on the Canadian Consensus Criteria, they are still in use locally and elsewhere, including in translation.

2005 and 2007

World-leading medical experts on ME/CFS spoke publicly on the latest advances in research and treatment; and met with researchers from The University of Adelaide.
Speakers 2007: Professor Kenny De Meirleir (Belgium/US), Dr Abhijit Chaudhuri (UK), Professor Malcolm Hooper (UK), Dr Daniel Peterson (US) and Christine Hunter AM (Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation).

Our History- No 2 photo

ME/CFS SA established the ME/CFS Australia Community Facebook group.


Unrest SA premiere with over 300 attending.

2016 - 2019

Our advocacy led the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to commission their first ME/CFS Report, resulting in recommendations for research and clinical guidance in 2019, including millions of dollars in research funding.


On 18 June, Hon Emily Bourke MLC and ME/CFS SA held a lunchtime event for parliamentarians and the ME/CFS community. This brief but powerful gathering is the first stage in addressing state government matters of importance to ME/CFS: health, education, and disability access and inclusion.

Parliament House event photo 2024

Last edited: 13 July, 2024