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27 May, 2024

Artist Profile - Steph Fuller DRAFT

Steph Fuller is a visual artist working on unceded Kaurna Land in South Australia.

Fuller's practice oscillates between longing and loss. Her work is primarily image-based, favouring dark pensive tones and intentional slippage between the macro and micro.

Her post-illness work sees a greater interest in bringing the image into sculptural contexts and working with found objects. A new scarcity of capacity brings restraint to her practice, but fuels a desire to occupy more space than before.


27 May, 2024

Artist Profile - Lisa Taranto DRAFT


27 May, 2024

Artist Profile - Jane Moore DRAFT

Ferryden Park, South Australia


27 May, 2024

Artist Profile - Jennifer Bourne -DRAFT

Port Augusta, South Australia

Artist printmaker, textiles screen printer, arts and community development worker.

Art & Printmaking practice - designing and screen-printing fabric yardage, relief (linocut, Mokuhanga), collagraphy, photopolymer, drawing and watercolour.

Inspiration - the beauty and value of, and human impacts on, our natural environment. Feminism, spinsterhood and living a solitary life.

Artistic Styles - figurative landscape and botanical; conceptual interpretations of human – environmental tensions, and the interactions between atmosphere, geographical features and people that create a sense of place.

Jenny is an artist printmaker and textiles screen printer with extensive skills in community development and small group facilitation.

Jenny’s passion is printmaking; she is developing her printmaking practice in screen-print on fabric and paper; in relief printmaking in both linocut, and Mokuhanga; and
Intaglio methods including, collagraphy, cardboard etching, photopolymer (solar) plate, aluminium etching and in waterless lithography.

Her preferred drawing media are graphite and watercolour.

Concepts that feature most highly in Jenny’s own art practice focus on the interactions between atmosphere, geographical features and people that create a sense of place; the beauty and value of our natural environment, human – environment tensions particularly global warming and non-biodegradable waste.  Her work ranges from figurative landscape and botanical art to concepts of environmental damage.  

Jenny has a keen interest in using art as a medium for small group development, building self-esteem and conflict resolution. She successfully obtained her Master of International and Community Development in 2011. 

Jenny teaches occasional classes in printmaking, and other media.


27 May, 2024

Artist Profile - Mardi Angus DRAFT

Mardi has been living with ME/CFS since mid-2018. She was a full-time teacher of junior primary students up until that time but is now retired. Mardi has been volunteering with ME/CFS South Australia in a variety of roles and is currently the Chairperson. She lives in Southern Adelaide with her 19 year old daughter and her two cats, Topaz and Opal. Although Mardi has always enjoyed crafts such as lead lighting, cross stitch, jewellery making and decoupage, art is something that is very new. Her daughter bought her a paint by number kit for Christmas last year and since then Mardi has experimented with acrylic and water colour paints. Mardi’s new found passion for painting says it ‘brings her joy’ and ‘makes her soul happy’.


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