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11 July, 2024

Why Does Physical Activity Exacerbate Symptoms In ME/CFS And Long Covid Patients?

“It can resemble overtraining in athletes,” says Professor Nina Vøllestad.

10 July, 2024

Invisible, Incurable, Constantly In Pain: This Is What Living With Fibromyalgia Is Like

Imagine doctors insisting that you are fine, when your body is engulfed in pain. Four fibromyalgia patients tell CNA Insider about their struggles with this invisible illness and how they draw strength from their suffering.

10 July, 2024

Shai Efrati, MD: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy As A Promising Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Shai Efrati, MD, explains how his research aims to address the root cause of fibromyalgia: damaged brain tissue.

09 July, 2024

Victoria Augustine Falls Ill From Everyday Activities Like Taking A Shower Or Family Visits: “I End Up Bedridden With A Feverish Feeling And Body Aches"

Physical and social activities are healthy for everyone. What's life like when you can't tolerate them?

09 July, 2024

Model And Mum Battles Condition It Took Seven Years To Diagnose

Char Borley, 41, from Suffolk, was a pin-up model known for her work with Playboy and FHM as well as being a former 'Page 3' girl, but she has faced a private battle away from the cameras.

08 July, 2024

COVID's Hidden Toll: Full-Body Scans Reveal Long-Term Immune Effects

Long COVID is a brutal illness without a known mechanism or cure. Far from being psychosomatic in nature, a new study adds weight to the idea that this misunderstood disease is very much biological. The lingering toll the SARS-CoV-2 virus exacts on the immune system is widespread and hiding in plain sight, argue researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, CellSight Technologies, and Kaiser Permanente South San Francisco Medical Center.

08 July, 2024

#HEALTH: When Fatigue Takes Over Daily Life

DO you feel tired even after a full night's sleep or exhausted all the time and no amount of coffee helps you stay alert? Situations such as these are common for those with chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS and sufferers are often mistakenly labelled as lazy. CFS is a debilitating condition that defies conventional diagnostic efforts as there are no specific tests or symptoms that can definitively identify the condition. As a result, CFS remains shrouded in mystery and those affected are often left to figure things out on their own. There is little data on CFS in Malaysia, not because it does not exist here but because there is low awareness among the general public, says IMU University clinical psychologist and head of department at the school of medicine, Dr Serena In.

07 July, 2024

It’s 2024, And Yet There’s Still No General Election For ‘ME’

It doesn’t really matter who gets elected during this years general election for the 1.9 million people living with long Covid or the hundreds of thousands living with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) in the UK. Why…?

07 July, 2024

Cold, Flu Virus Can Trigger Long COVID Relapses

People who have recovered from long COVID can suffer relapses or flare-ups from new viral infections — not just from COVID but from cold, flu, and other viral pathogens, researchers have found.

06 July, 2024

SHOCK DIAGNOSIS Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes Left Bedridden And ‘In Pain’ After Her Wedding Day With Husband Dan

Chanelle Hayes was left bedridden after her wedding over the weekend as she battled ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Big Brother legend finally walked down the aisle with Dan a year after their engagement.

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