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15 May, 2022

ABC TV Australia: The Virus – Brain Fog

An episode of ABC TV's The Virus program which focuses on brain fog.

14 May, 2022

I'm One Of Thousands Of Australians With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome But I'm Lucky: I've Become A Human Experiment

An article by Australian ME/CFS sufferer Alice Rumble.

14 May, 2022

The Widespread Impact Of Long COVID Continues To Grow, Shining An Even Brighter Light On Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

As the prevalence and significant impact of Long Covid continues to increase, the number of people suffering from the debilitating and chronic illness known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) parallels this growth. Solve M.E. and its partners will spend May advocating for people with ME/CFS, Long Covid, and other chronic diseases, to ensure that ME/CFS and other post-infection diseases are widely understood, diagnosable, and treatable.

13 May, 2022

Wiltshire Woman Shares Story Of Hope For ME Awareness Week

A UK woman says she is “immensely proud” to be working again after a long struggle with ME/CFS.

13 May, 2022

Kirsty Young ‘Delighted’ Over BBC Return For Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: ‘It’s Going To Be Quite A Weekend’

TV presenter Kirsty Young will be returning to the BBC after four years to celebrate the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee. The 50-year-old host previously presented BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs for 12 years but stepped down after she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

12 May, 2022

On Being Ill: Reading Chronically Ill Authors

Kendra Winchester writes: "When I talk to non-disabled people about my chronic illness, they always ask things like, “When were you diagnosed?” But chronic illness isn’t linear. For many people, there’s remissions, updated diagnosis, or new conditions that arrive to join the party. Sometimes your doctors have to untangle two or more conditions that have shown up at the same time. It’s never that straightforward. So when it comes to seeing myself in books, I’ve always struggled to find characters or stories that fit just right."

12 May, 2022

Fibromyalgia Day: May 12, 2022, Actions, Figures

Thursday, May 12 is dedicated to World Fibromyalgia Day, which is characterized by chronic diffuse pain and which affects more than one in 100 adults in France. Date, origin, events, blue ribbon, numbers… All about the 29th edition of Fibromyalgia Day.

11 May, 2022

How Are Doctors Unravelling The Mystery Of Long COVID?

They call them long-haulers – people still suffering symptoms long after a bout of COVID. But what is the condition, exactly? Doctors expect the answer will change our understanding of immunity forever.

11 May, 2022

Long COVID Clinics Established To Manage Chronic Symptoms Weeks After Infection

South Australia's health system will expand its capacity to tackle a growing number of long COVID cases, with dedicated clinics established to treat what is now being described by some as a "pandemic" in its own right.

10 May, 2022

Calls For Dedicated Clinics For Long COVID Sufferers In Queensland As Cases Expected To 'Ramp Up'

Research published in June last year followed 94 per cent of the COVID cases diagnosed in New South Wales between January and May 2020. It found 80 per cent of those with the virus recover within one month, but about 5 per cent "will continue to experience symptoms three months later".

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