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25 April, 2023

Albanese Government Pledges $50m For Long Covid Research As Inquiry Calls For Action

Parliamentary committee calls for a range of new responses to ‘significant problem’, including a national database and research program.

25 April, 2023

Neutrophils Infiltrate Sensory Ganglia And Mediate Chronic Widespread Pain In Fibromyalgia

We used a back-translational approach in mice to demonstrate the pronociceptive role of neutrophils in fibromyalgia. Adoptive transfer of neutrophils from mice with chronic widespread pain or from patients with fibromyalgia can confer mechanical pain to recipient naïve mice, sensitize evoked action potential firing of spinal cord neurons, and produce phenotypic changes in cell surface expression of neutrophil proteins that cause infiltration of neutrophils into dorsal root ganglia. These data provide the framework for an immunological basis of chronic widespread pain in fibromyalgia mediated by polymorphonuclear granulocytes.

24 April, 2023

Long COVID–Like Symptoms Can Happen After The Flu, Too. Here's How To Prevent Both

When looking at the percentage of those infected who develop post-viral illness, as well as the severity of symptoms, post-viral illness from COVID generally isn’t more of a problem than that from flu—in the Omicron era, at least. That’s according to new findings at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases in Copenhagen.

24 April, 2023

Plant-Based Diet May Help Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Study Finds

New research shines a light on the link between food and fibromyalgia.

24 April, 2023

Chronic Pain Affects 1 In 5 US Adults, Racial/Ethnic Minorities Most Vulnerable

An estimated 21% of US adults experienced chronic pain during 2021, and 7% reported high-impact pain chronic pain, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Chronic pain, defined as pain lasting ≥3 months, affected 51.6 million Americans in 2021 while 17.1 million were affected by high-impact chronic pain, ie, persistent pain that substantially restricts daily activities.

23 April, 2023

Kent Woman Who Uses Baths To Sooth Fibromyalgia Pain Left Without Water After Swanscombe Landslip

A woman who uses hot baths to sooth pain caused by Fibromyalgia has been left without water following a major landslip in Kent.

23 April, 2023

Going Long: Viruses Linger With Lasting Impact

Herpes, HIV, Epstein-Barr and other viruses hang around, causing potential long-term health woes. Should long COVID surprise us?

23 April, 2023

Prevalence And Characteristics Of Long COVID In Elderly Patients: An Observational Cohort Study Of Over 2 Million Adults In The US

Incidence of long COVID in the elderly is difficult to estimate and can be underreported. While long COVID is sometimes considered a novel disease, many viral or bacterial infections have been known to cause prolonged illnesses. We postulate that some influenza patients might develop residual symptoms that would satisfy the diagnostic criteria for long COVID, a condition we call “long Flu.” In this study, we estimate the incidence of long COVID and long Flu among Medicare patients using the World Health Organization (WHO) consensus definition. We compare the incidence, symptomatology, and healthcare utilization between long COVID and long Flu patients.

22 April, 2023

Institute Focused On Neuroimmune Axis Disorders Launched

A new medical and research center focused on neuroimmune axis disorders named the Metrodora Institute, based in Salt Lake City, announced its launch with the goal of accelerating the development of better diagnostics and therapeutics for this under-researched class of diseases. According to the Institute, it will gather resources that include clinicians, scientists, and engineers to translate findings into improved patient care regimens.

22 April, 2023

Martine McCutcheon On The Importance Of Taking Time Out To Rest

After a lifetime working in showbiz and years living with health issues including chronic fatigue syndrome, Martine McCutcheon knows the importance of not overdoing things.

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