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12 December, 2022

Avindra Nath On ME/CFS And Long COVID – “We’re Going To Learn A Lot”

An interview with US ME/CFS researcher Avindra Nath.

12 December, 2022

How Does The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Cause Long COVID? Here Are Some Leading Theories

It's a question that's tantalised researchers since the first reports of "long haulers" back in 2020: what causes long COVID?

12 December, 2022

MRI Assessment Of Cerebral Blood Flow In Nonhospitalized Adults Who Self-Isolated Due To COVID-19

A study that aimed to determine whether adults who experienced flu-like symptoms due to COVID-19 would exhibit cerebral blood flow (CBF) alterations in the weeks/months beyond infection, relative to controls who experienced flu-like symptoms but tested negative for COVID-19.

11 December, 2022

How Dehumanizing Administrative Burdens Harm Disabled People

Unnecessary barriers make accessing basic supports extremely difficult for disabled people across the country.

11 December, 2022

What Patients Find At Long COVID Clinics: Rejection, Outdated Therapies, And Unanswered Questions

Roughly 16 million Americans are living with long COVID, but many are not getting the right medical care. One way to improve the system is by letting patients lead.

11 December, 2022

New CDC Foundation Program Focuses On Creating Partnerships To Address Chronic Conditions Caused By Infections, Including Long COVID

Patient Advocacy Groups and Community-Based Organizations in the US will be invited to collaborate and share perspectives on improving care, resources and services for those suffering from post-infectious illnesses.

10 December, 2022

My Story: Why We’re Fighting The DEA

An article by US Fibromyalgia sufferer Louis Ogden.

10 December, 2022

Book Business A Best Seller For Hamilton Woman

ME/CFS kept Anne-Marie Bird away from the library so she looked into how to get books online – and ended up starting a second-hand book business.

10 December, 2022

Amid The Trials Of Long COVID, Glimmers Of Hope At UNC Clinic

Some North Carolinians have endured COVID and its long-haul aftermath for two harrowing years. A clinic at the University of North Carolina keeps up with cutting-edge research and tailored therapies in hopes of finding solutions.

09 December, 2022

Anne Hailes: The Painful Truth About Fibromyalgia

An article by Irish Fibromyalgia sufferer Anne Hailes.

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