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28 March, 2024

Literary Twofer Finds Characters ‘In Sickness And In Health’ And On ‘Yom Kippur In A Gym’

Nora Gold, the prize-winning Canadian author of novels and short stories and the founder and editor-in-chief of, has just published what Vegas aficionados call a twofer – that is two for the price of one, in this case two novellas, In Sickness and In Health, and Yom Kippur in a Gym in one volume (Guernica Editions). At first glance, the novellas could not seem more different. In Sickness and In Health is the account of a few days in the life of a college professor who is suffering a bout of a fugue state that doctors can’t diagnose but that she believes may be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – and that may or may not be related to having childhood epilepsy, a condition which she has hidden from her husband.

28 March, 2024

‘There Must Be A Persistent Antigen’: NIH Researcher Discusses New PI-ME/CFS Data

A recent NIH study of post-infectious myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome suggests that the condition is a “distinct entity,” with somatic and cognitive issues that are centrally mediated.

28 March, 2024

Rhode Island Comedian’s New TV Special Shines A Light On Chronic Illness

Doug Ouimette’s new comedy special, “I Can’t Stand Stand-Up Comedy,” explores his wife’s experience with chronic fatigue syndrome and how the family finds laughter through the pain.

27 March, 2024

Fibromyalgia Should Be Officially Recognised: Health Council

Fibromyalgia, a chronic health condition in which victims experience pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as fatigue and trouble sleeping, should be recognised as a health issue, the Dutch health council says.

27 March, 2024

Why Scrapping The Term ‘Long COVID’ Would Be Harmful For People With The Condition

The assertion from Queensland’s chief health officer John Gerrard that it’s time to stop using the term “long COVID” has made waves in Australian and international media over recent days. Gerrard’s comments were related to new research from his team finding long-term symptoms of COVID are similar to the ongoing symptoms following other viral infections. But there are limitations in this research, and problems with Gerrard’s argument we should drop the term “long COVID”.

27 March, 2024

A Former Pro Climber On Enduring Chronic Illness

After years of scaling cliffs for a living, Mason Earle was diagnosed with ME/CFS, commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome.

26 March, 2024

CDC Says More Americans Experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Than Some Past Studies Suggested

Health officials released in December the first nationally representative estimate of how many U.S. adults have chronic fatigue syndrome: 3.3 million. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s number is larger than previous studies have suggested, and is likely boosted by some of the patients with long COVID. The condition clearly “is not a rare illness,” said the CDC’s Dr. Elizabeth Unger, one of the report’s co-authors.

26 March, 2024

'It's A Matter Of Urgency': The Push For More Chronic Fatigue Support

Almost a year after an Australian parliamentary committee recommended more funding for ME/CFS support, advocates say the community's suffering is "being compounded on all levels".

26 March, 2024

San Diego Scientists Studying If Wearable Devices Can Reduce Long COVID Symptoms

No widely effective treatments currently exist to help the nearly 65 million people living with long COVID.

25 March, 2024

Scientists Say There's Been A 'Revolution' In Understanding Long COVID, But Sufferers Are Still Feeling Left Behind

Miquette Abercrombie describes the COVID-19 infection that changed her life as "straightforward", but what happened afterwards was anything but. Over the 700 days since her infection, which was in April 2022, she said she has experienced hundreds of different symptoms, from fatigue, brain fog, changes to her voice and heart issues.

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