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09 April, 2024

Not In Your Head

Doctors sometimes dismiss physically sick patients with psychiatric diagnoses, entering errors into medical records that impede real treatment for years. Here’s how to protect yourself.

08 April, 2024

Marina Announces New Book Of Poems, ‘Eat The World’

Welsh singer Marina Diamandis, who was diagnosed last with ME/CFS, has written a book of poetry, Eat The World.

08 April, 2024

Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) Paradigm Type Affects Its Sensitivity As A Biomarker Of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a widespread chronic pain syndrome, possibly associated with the presence of central dysfunction in descending pain inhibition pathways. Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) has been proposed as a biomarker of FM. Nonetheless, the wide variety of methods used to measure CPM has hampered robust conclusions being reached. To clarify the validity of CPM as a biomarker of FM, we tested two CPM paradigms (parallel and sequential) in a sample of 23 female patients and 23 healthy women by applying test (mechanical) stimuli and conditioning (pressure cuff) stimuli. We evaluated whether CPM indices could correctly classify patients and controls, and we also determined the correlations between the indices and clinical variables such as symptomatology, disease impact, depression, quality of life, pain intensity, pain interference, fatigue and numbness. In addition, we compared the clinical status of CPM responders (efficient pain inhibitory mechanism) and non-responders. We observed that only parallel CPM testing correctly classified about 70% of patients with FM. In addition, more than 80% of healthy participants were found to be responders, while the rate was about 50% in the FM patients. The sequential CPM test was not as sensitive, with a decrease of up to 40% in the response rate for both groups. On the other hand, we did not observe any correlation between CPM measures and clinical symptoms. In summary, our findings demonstrate the influence of the CPM paradigm used and confirm that CPM may be a useful marker to complement FM diagnosis. However, the findings also cast doubts on the sensitivity of CPM as a marker of pain severity in FM.

08 April, 2024

Are Insurers Wrongly Declining ME/CFS Claims?

Some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome say they are being denied personal insurance because insurers deem it to be a mental health issue, not a biomedical issue.

08 April, 2024

Lyme Disease Is Quietly Debilitating Millions Of Americans And Future Generations

An article by US Lyme Disease advocate Lindsay Keys, co-director of The Quiet Epidemic.

07 April, 2024

Opening Doors: Westfield High School Senior Overcomes Odds Despite Illness

On any given weekday, more than 2,600 students walk through the front doors of Westfield High School. But for 18-year-old Isaiah Hurd, passing through those doors last fall at the start of his senior year was the culmination of a journey he was determined to finish, against all odds. Hurd spent much of his high school career using a wheelchair or walker. But he didn’t always have mobility issues. In middle school, he was a tennis player at Indy Racket Club playing up to five days a week. But during summer break between eighth grade and freshman year, he was afflicted with ME/CFS.

07 April, 2024

Long COVID: Sufferers Can Take Heart

Millions worldwide experience post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC or long COVID), according to the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union and the UK and US governments. Long COVID symptoms >12 weeks after the initial severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection affecting 2–20% of patients with mild and severe acute COVID-19 are endemic in every jurisdiction with a competent health reporting system. Although the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other health agencies in Australia do not survey the prevalence of long COVID, it is estimated that it affects hundreds of thousands, presaging a parliamentary inquiry into long COVID and repeated SARS-CoV-2 infection, which reported to Federal Government in April 2023. The 566 submissions to the Inquiry, including those from states, territories, professional bodies and the public, largely concur with the view that long COVID presents health management and sociological challenges to Australian society (conspicuously, the Queensland Government has a somewhat different perspective, attributing long COVID to a predominantly nocebo effect). Furthermore, the submissions recognise significant wellbeing and financial challenges to individuals with long COVID.

07 April, 2024

Long COVID Still Has No Cure — So These Patients Are Turning To Research

With key long COVID trials yet to yield results, people with the condition are trying to change how clinical trials are done.

06 April, 2024

Up To One In Three With Rheumatoid Arthritis ‘At Risk Of Long-Term Opioid Use’

Up to one in three people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis could be at risk of long-term opioid use, a new study suggests.

06 April, 2024

Virtual Reality Protocol Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms

A combination of neuromodulation, virtual reality, and targeted exercises can improve fibromyalgia symptoms, according to a study published in Medicina.1 This regimen can offer an alternative option for non-pharmacological treatment among this patient population.

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