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18 July, 2023

3 Surprising Conditions Psychedelics Might Be Used For

In Jennifer Chesak's research for her book, The Psilocybin Handbook for Women, she learned about three conditions outside of mental health that psilocybin may be able to help with: menopause, fibromyalgia, and dementia. And some of the reasons why psilocybin may be a useful agent involve the things these conditions have in common.

18 July, 2023

Confronting The Medical Stigma Of Long COVID

Tips on becoming your own healthcare advocate.

17 July, 2023

Marina Opens Up About Tiring Illness: ‘It’s Been Hard To Remember What Healthy Feels Like’

The singer shared that doctors recently diagnosed her with chronic fatigue syndrome.

17 July, 2023

Long COVID Patients Turn To Doctors For Help With Disability Claims

As millions of Americans face another year of long COVID, some are finding they are unable to return to work or cannot work as they did before they got sick and are turning to doctors for help with documenting their disability.

16 July, 2023

Chronic Pain Disorder Written Off By Doctors As 'Imaginary' Is Driving Thousands To Suicide, Study Warns - And Lady Gaga Is One Of Its Famous Sufferers

Disclaimer: This article mentions death.

From The Daily Mail: A chronic condition that causes widespread pain in millions of patients may be linked to an increased risk of death, a new review suggests. A meta-analysis suggested that people with fibromyalgia had a 27 percent increased risk of death. In particular, they highlighted a greater likelihood of accidents, infections, and suicide.

16 July, 2023

Autoantibodies To Selenoprotein P In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Suggest Selenium Transport Impairment And Acquired Resistance To Thyroid Hormone.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) presents with symptoms of hypothyroidism, including mental and physical fatigue, poor sleep, depression, and anxiety. However, thyroid hormone (TH) profiles of elevated thyrotropin and low thyroxine (T4) are not consistently observed. Recently, autoantibodies to the Se transporter SELENOP (SELENOP-aAb) have been identified in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and shown to impair selenoprotein expression. We hypothesized that SELENOP-aAb are prevalent in CFS, and associate with reduced selenoprotein expression and impaired TH deiodination.

15 July, 2023

Long COVID Prevalence And Impact On Quality Of Life 2 Years After Acute COVID-19

Research published in the journal Scientific Reports.

15 July, 2023

I Was In Horrific Pain For Decades. In Six Weeks, My Life Changed

An article by Fibromyalgia sufferer Brian Walker's experiences with low-dose naltrexone.

14 July, 2023

ME Study: Graded Exercise Therapy Ban 'Could Harm' Patients

Note: ME/CFS SA does not endorse the views in this news article.

From Scotland's The Herald: "Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome could be "harmed rather than helped" by a "flawed" review which concluded that graded exercise therapy was unsafe, according to researchers."

14 July, 2023

They Ask WHO For Coding Of ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivities’ Due To Exposure To Perfumes, Gels Or Cleaning Products

According to the CONFESQ Coalition of Patient Associations report, approximately 56 physicians and researchers and 75 associations from 6 countries submitted a request to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the inclusion of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in the ICD-11 coding system Is.

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