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22 April, 2023

Expert Reaction To An Abstract On Long COVID Symptoms Compared With Outcomes Following Influenza

A conference abstract (not a published paper) presented at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) annual meeting looks at long COVID symptoms compared with outcomes following influenza.

21 April, 2023

Largest Medical Research Grant To Help ME/CFS And Long COVID Research

Griffith University’s research into the potential overlap between Long COVID and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) has received a major boost thanks to a $6.4 million grant from the Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation.

21 April, 2023

VA, NIH Launch Study Of Gulf War Illness

New research in the US may help identify biomarkers and potential treatments.

21 April, 2023

Chronic Pain Prevalence Remains Among 1 In 5 US Adults

New CDC data show high-impact chronic pain has been decreasing since 2016, though the issue continues to disparately impact certain populations.

20 April, 2023

Straight Neck Syndrome Prevalence In Fibromyalgia Patients Based On Lateral Cervical Spine Radiograph

The following is a summary of “Vast Majority of Patients With Fibromyalgia Have a Straight Neck Observed on a Lateral View Radiograph of the Cervical Spine: An Aid in the Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and a Possible Clue to the Etiology,” published in the March 2023 issue of Rheumatology by Katz, et al.

20 April, 2023

Stephenie Could Not Get Her Legs To Move In Sync. Turns Out It Was Long COVID

Long COVID is different for everyone, but one thing is constant: an ongoing inability to get answers.

20 April, 2023

Martine McCutcheon: It's OK To Be Imperfect

After a lifetime working in showbiz and years living with health issues including chronic fatigue syndrome, Martine McCutcheon knows the importance of not overdoing things.

19 April, 2023

Mothers' Devastation As Daughters Develop The Same Debilitating Illness That Can Mean Years In Bed

Wendy Matthews has spent 16 of the last 29 years stuck in bed. Before ME/CFS, the 67-year-old Aucklander worked as a registered nurse, was a writer and a painter, and loved spending hours outside in her garden. But the last time she got to go outside was in November, and that was for a trip to hospital after becoming so unwell she weighed just 36kg.

19 April, 2023

Chronic Pain Affects 21% Of Americans, CDC Reports

Nearly 7% have pain severe enough to restrict daily activities.

18 April, 2023

Woman In So Much Pain She Wanted To Cut Legs Off With Chainsaw 'Cures Herself With Cannabis'

Alexandra Fisher, 51, had been part-time sport coach before a pair of devastating conditions (Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis) left her left reliant on a wheelchair - but says a cannabis vape has helped her regain her mobility.

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