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16 December, 2020

Are You Inadvertently Zapping Your Patients' Spoons?

An article from US dental association RPH.

08 November, 2020

Artists Living With Disability Retreat To The Australian Bush To Find Inspiration Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Profiles of Australian artists with disabilities, including landscape artist and ME/CFS sufferer Michell Teear.

25 January, 2022

As COVID Is Allowed To 'Let Rip', These Australians Are Locking Themselves Back Down

Immunocompromised people in Australia say they've been forced to return to lockdown by cavalier government measures and attitudes around surging COVID-19 cases.

25 April, 2022

As In-Person Seders Return, Some Vulnerable Jews Are Being Left Behind

Profiles of US Jewish chronic pain patients, including ME/CFS sufferer Rivka Solomon.

16 January, 2021

As They're Told To Exercise Despite Crippling Fatigue, And Advised They Should Banish 'Negative Thoughts'...No Wonder Doctors Think Their Long Covid Treatment Is Misguided

An article from The Daily Mail Australia.

26 October, 2020

At 12, She's A Covid 'Long Hauler'

A profile of US COVID long-hauler Maggie Flannery.

17 June, 2022

At Least 4 In 10 Long-COVID Patients Report Symptoms Akin To Fibromyalgia

Tonix Pharmaceuticals recently released data showing that more than 40% of patients living with long COVID usually experience multisite pain much like fibromyalgia. Long COVID occurs when individuals who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is known to cause the coronavirus, experience long-term effects from their infection.

20 March, 2022

Aussie ‘ray of sunshine’ left in ‘zombie-like state’ shares agony of being ‘unable to say goodbye’

A profile of young Australian severe ME/CFS sufferer Ella.

18 April, 2022

Australian Commonwealth Games Fencing Athlete Reveals Long Covid Horror As She Seeks Treatment Overseas

A former Commonwealth Games athlete has revealed her agonising fight against long Covid and has made a desperate plea for help.

30 September, 2021

Australian Health Journal: Experiences Of Frail, Homebound And Bedridden People (FHBP)

A video featuring ME/CFS South Australia Chair, Penelope McMillan.

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