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24 October, 2020

AMA COVID-19 Daily Video Update: Patient, Physician Share Their Experiences As COVID-19 Long Haulers

A video from the American Medical Association.

05 January, 2021

America's Healthcare System Will Struggle To Deal With Covid 'Long-Haulers'

The US already has sky-high rates of chronic illness. Now comes a wave of COVID patients who never seem to fully recover.

13 April, 2022

Amid Surge In Fibromyalgia Cases In Covid Patients, Experts Share Symptoms And Tips To Stay Safe

Dr Rakesh Nair, consultant knee replacement surgeon, said that "a lot of patients have complained of increase in the joint pains post-Covid: almost all had increased pain which varied from three weeks to six months".

12 December, 2021

An Attempt To Explain The Neurological Symptoms Of ME/CFS

A paper that outlines tentative mechanisms of impaired cerebral blood flow, increase in intracranial pressure and central adrenergic hyperactivity and how they can well explain the key symptoms of cognitive impairment, brain fog, headache, hypersensitivity, sleep disturbances and dysautonomia.

21 October, 2020

An Autoimmune-Like Antibody Response Is Linked With Severe COVID-19

An article by medical researcher Matthew Woodruff.

17 November, 2021

An Emotional Casey Stoner Admits His Nightmare Health Battle Has Left Him 'Massively Struggling' As The Champion Motorbike Rider Reveals It's Left Him Stuck On The Couch For Months And Unable To Race For Three Years

MotoGP legend Casey Stoner has opened up about his battle with chronic fatigue syndrome which left him couch-ridden for months.

06 November, 2020

An Evening With Jennifer Brea, Luminary Behind Knockout Film 'Unrest'

An interview with US ME/CFS activist Jennifer Brea.

27 July, 2022

Another Secret Of Fibromyalgia Discovered In The Microbiome

In a new study, researchers find alterations in gut bacteria and blood bile acids of women with fibromyalgia associated with the severity of their symptoms, and identify a biological signature that could facilitate diagnosis.

04 November, 2021

ANZMES Sponsors New Zealand Long COVID & ME/CFS Research

ANZMES is proud to play a part in exciting new research endeavour into ME/CFS and Long COVID.

26 February, 2022

Are Psychedelics The Future Of Pain Relief?

Some scientists believe that LSD and psilocybin could treat everything from cluster headaches to Fibromyalgia.

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