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06 October, 2021

"Long COVID" Not Getting Enough Attention During Current Panic Over Delta Variant

A long list of symptoms gives researchers multiple vantage points from which to study long COVID.

29 January, 2022

#MEAction Launches Its #StopRestPace Campaign

#MEAction launched our #StopRestPace campaign in 2020 knowing there was an urgent need to reach the people who had #LongCovid & who are showing symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). That need has grown increasingly urgent as the pandemic has become a mass-disabling event.

27 November, 2020

$1 Million Received To Study COVID-19 To ME/CFS

The Open Medicine Foundation in the US has announced an anonymous, $1,000,000 grant to fund a collaborative investigation of the relationship between COVID-19 and the possible trajectory to ME/CFS.

14 August, 2020

'A Life Sentence': The Frightening Trend Emerging In Young Coronavirus Patients

Roughly six months into the global coronavirus pandemic a disturbing picture is beginning to emerge of the long-term impact the virus can have on young and once healthy people.

16 January, 2022

'A Love Song For Hal': Benefit Concert For Chronically Ill Northeast Ohio Musician

Hal Walker lives with ME/CFS.

04 December, 2020

'Am I Disabled Today?' How Erika Finds Strength And Compassion By Embracing Her Disabilities

An article by Australian chronic pain sufferer Erika England.

14 October, 2021

'DISGUSTING' Anti-Vax Yobs Accuse Mum Of Using Wheelchair User Daughter, 15, As A ‘Lab Rat’ In Angry Protest At Covid Jab Centre

ANTI-VAX yobs in the UK have accused a mother of using her daughter as a “lab rat” during a furious protest outside a Covid jab centre.

07 September, 2021

'Forced To Live Off £8.30 A Day' - Man's Fear At Impending Benefit Cut

One Universal Credit claimant from Suffolk, and suffers from ME/CFS, is facing up to the harsh reality of a life where that will be his daily budget – as he braces himself for a £20 a week cut to his benefits.

05 December, 2021

'Good Steps' Made Towards Interim M.E. Service On The Isle Of Man.

Manx Care says it has made 'good steps' towards the setting up of an interim M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome service on the Isle of Man.

12 June, 2020

'Grief And Confusion Clashed With Unconditional Love And Joy': The Hidden Lives Of Young Carers

An article about young carers in the UK.

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