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14 July, 2020

10th Annual Maria Stein Shrine Art Show Sees The Biggest Turn-Out In Artists And Submissions

A report on the Maria Stein Shrine’s 10th annual art show and sale, featuring Fibromyalgia sufferer Carol Rosenbeck.

14 September, 2021

11 Great Squash Books For National Book Day

An article featuring books on the sport of squash, including Shattered: A Champion’s Fight Against A Mystery Illness, by Peter Marshall. Peter's illness was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

06 December, 2020

2020 Brain Health Research Centre Lecture

Emeritus Professor Warren Tate's 2020 BHRC Lecture, entitled "Understanding the biological basis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and its sudden increase in public profile with COVID-19".

07 June, 2020

2020 Free Ride Finalist: Jones straight-A student battling illnesses wants to help others with her medical issues

A profile of US Fibromyalgia sufferer Hannah Vaught.

28 January, 2021

76% Of COVID-19 Patients Who Get Hospitalized Still Have At Least One Symptom 6 Months Later, A Study Found

A new study offers a peek at the alarming fates patients who were hospitalized face six months after their illness.

20 October, 2021

A Big New Study From Oxford University Confirms The Bad News About Long Covid

Researchers from Oxford University set out to discover more about long Covid, and found that a startling one-third of people who caught the virus were still experiencing one or more symptoms between three and six months after being diagnosed. In many cases, patients had apparently recovered, only to find that weeks later they began experiencing new symptoms, or realized that they had in fact not yet shaken off the effects of infection.

24 April, 2021

A Brief But Spectacular Take On Advocating For People With Chronic Illnesses

The emergence of long COVID has drawn attention to poorly understood chronic illnesses. This week, over a thousand people living with those diseases signed up to meet virtually with members of Congress to push for more funding for chronic illnesses. Disability advocate Rivka Solomon gives us her Brief But Spectacular take on advocating for those with chronic illnesses.

12 July, 2020

A Guy's Guide To Loving A Woman With Fibromyalgia

An article from The Good Men Project.

04 May, 2021

A Lifetime Of Pain For Woman Suffering From Invisible Illness With Soaring Hospital Admissions In Leicestershire

A woman from Loughborough says she feels 'neglected' by health care services after suffering with incurable Fibromyalgia for years.

10 June, 2020

A Moment With Zoe Watson

A profile of South Australian Fibromyalgia sufferer Zoe Watson.

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