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21 March, 2021

A Stanford Scientist's Quest To Cure His Son Could Help Unravel The Mystery Of Covid-19 Long Haulers

A profile of Ron Davis, professor of biochemistry and genetics at Stanford University in California, whose son, Whitney Dafoe, is a severe ME/CFS sufferer.

04 August, 2020

A Systematic Review Of Mitochondrial Abnormalities In ME/CFS/SEID

Research published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

10 November, 2021

A War Inside The Body Every Day: A Drive For Specialty License Plates To Fight Two Diseases

Two US women are on a mission to drive home information about lupus and fibromyalgia.

20 February, 2021

ABC Nightlife: Suzanne Hill Interviews Tracie White About 'The Puzzle Solver'

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome strikes down nearly a quarter of a million Australians. It saps energy and stops people from living active and productive lives. The debilitating disease has been the subject of immense controversy over the decades, with patients frequently being told 'it's all in their heads". Suzanne Hill speaks with the author of 'The Puzzle Solver', Tracie White, about a personal story of an American Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics. He has turned his research skills to help his son, who has been dealing for 16 years with CFC.

15 May, 2022

ABC TV Australia: The Virus – Brain Fog

An episode of ABC TV's The Virus program which focuses on brain fog.

03 October, 2021

Acute Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor Type 2 Agonism Results In Sustained Symptom Improvement In Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Research published in Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.

01 February, 2022

Adelaide Woman Who’s Had ‘Long Covid’ Symptoms For 12 Years

A group of women whose ill health has been ignored for years may hold the key to long Covid, including a simple test that could help diagnose sufferers.

29 March, 2022

Advice Being Developed To Help Long Covid Sufferers In NZ

Doctors and other health service providers around New Zealand will be getting more guidance about how to help people suffering from long Covid.

10 January, 2022

Advocate Says Immunocompromised People Should Be Prioritized For COVID-19 Boosters

With thousands of New Zealand residents aiming to get their boosters in the coming weeks, the Mercury Tribune looked to see how well that rollout was going, especially for those already vulnerable because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

29 August, 2020

After Recovering From COVID-19, Many Still Have Painful Symptoms

A radio interview with long-term COVID-19 sufferer Dr. Margot Gage.

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