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24 December, 2020

Australian Study Finds COVID-19 'Long Haulers' Suffer Symptoms Months After Coronavirus Infection

The first Australian study of COVID-19 'long-haulers' has found up to 40 per cent of them experienced persistent symptoms after SARS-CoV-2 infection including fatigue, breathlessness and chest pain.

27 October, 2020

Australian Tribunal: Chemical Sensitivity Not An 'Injury' But Employee's Claim Gets Up

A tribunal case reported by Australian law firm HBA Legal.

09 November, 2021

Australian-First Study Finds Most Critical COVID Patients Have Symptoms For Months

A profile of Australian long-COVID sufferer Sherene Magana Cruz.

02 June, 2020

Bad Conspiracy Theories: The Bad, The Worse And The Ugliest

An article reviewing a video by discredited ME/CFS researcher Judy Mikovits.

17 October, 2021

Banoffee On New Album ‘Teartracks’: “It Can Feel Very Double-Sided To Have A Break-Up Record Written About You”

After COVID-19 upended both her music career and love life, Martha Brown decided to make an album of honesty, heartbreak and humour.

17 October, 2020

Being A Carer During A Pandemic And Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

16 August, 2020

Betty Gerónimo Confesses That For 12 Years She Has Suffered From A Disease That Has No Cure

A profile of Dominican Republic official and Fibromyalgia sufferer Betty Gerónimo.

05 August, 2020

Billy Ray Mansell Completes Southend Seafront Triathlon Dressed As Spiderman

A heroic UK dad who refused to let his Fibromyalgia beat him took on a seafront triathlon... dressed as Spiderman.

12 August, 2021

Bishopton Mum Sarah-Victoria Bayley Reaches Beauty Final

A UK mum-of-three who has reached the final of a major beauty contest is hoping her success will inspire other people who have disabilities.

12 May, 2021

Black Women Are Fighting To Be Recognized As Long COVID Patients

It took five years of chronic pain, nausea, fuzzy thoughts and a cruel mixture of fatigue and insomnia for Wilhelmina Jenkins to be diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). But even after she received that diagnosis, in 1988, she faced her fair share of doubters—not because her symptoms didn’t meet the bar for diagnosis, but because she is Black.

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