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Dialogues for a neglected illness (2018-2021)

A collection of videos from the UK on different aspects of ME/CFS.

Hope to our Hands: The Hidden Story of ME/CFS in Japan (2020)

A moving documentary of those in Japan living with ME/CFS who are struggling to receive acknowledgement, medical care and support.

LEFT OUT (2020)

This documentary follows the hopes of people in the Norwegian ME/CFS community as they await the outcome of an exciting new study.

Jen Brea's TED Talk (2017)

What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose?

Unrest (2017)

Award-winning documentary, Unrest, is a personal journey from patient to storyteller and the beginnings of #MEAction and the global #MillionsMissing movement.

Forgotten Plague (2015)

Ryan Prior, now a CNN journalist, films a documentary that explores the experiences of himself and others in a medical system that has failed people with ME/CFS; and speaks with the clinicians and researchers who are working to change that.

The Last Great Medical Cover Up (2015)

A UK documentary about the challenges faced by people living with ME, explored through interviews with six people.

Invisible Illness - Stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2015)

A short documentary from the US about three people with ME/CFS, including Whitney Dafoe.

Voices from the Shadows (2011)

A UK documentary highlighting the stories of five ME patients and their carers, with input from medical experts in ME, Dr Nigel Speight and Prof. Malcolm Hooper; and ME researcher, Prof Leonard Jason.

I Remember M.E. (2000)

The trailer highlights the 1984 outbreak of ME/CFS in Incline Village, US, after a patient returned from China with a flu-like illness.

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