I Remember M.E. (2000)

The trailer highlights the 1984 outbreak of ME/CFS in Incline Village, US, after a patient returned from China with a flu-like illness.

Full length documentary not available. Released in 2000.

Trailer below: duration 3:52 mins


Investigating the debilitating illness ME/CFS, once maligned as 'yuppie flu', Snyder interweaves her own four-year battle with the disease, with the stories of others facing the same struggles. Soccer star Michelle Akers and legendary Hollywood director Blake Edwards (Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Pink Panther) are among the participants.
The documentary portrays more than an account of an unfolding epidemic. I Remember ME includes themes of loss, perseverance and the challenges of dealing with uncertainty.

By Kim Snyder
© Zeitgeist Films, US

Last edited: 20 November, 2020