Forgotten Plague (2015)

Ryan Prior, now a CNN journalist, films a documentary that explores the experiences of himself and others in a medical system that has failed people with ME/CFS; and speaks with the clinicians and researchers who are working to change that.

Available on DVD, and worldwide on pay-per-view streaming. International release 2015. Search online for current online stores and streaming.

Duration: 1h 7 mins

Trailer below: 2 mins 7 seconds.


Ryan Prior’s life imploded October 22, 2006 when he was struck down by a disease that dozens of doctors were powerless to diagnose, let alone treat. Against great odds, he becomes a reporter and ventures to tell the story of his suffering and improbable recovery. He is shocked that millions globally remain sidelined by the same disease, many bedridden for decades. Forgotten Plague is a journey into the hidden world of myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome). It is a chilling tale of our medical system’s failures in addressing many chronic, complex diseases. Yet it is also a riveting story of science’s remarkable ability to transform medicine and improve human life itself.

Produced by: Ryan Prior and Nicole Castillo
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