LEFT OUT (2020)

This documentary follows the hopes of people in the Norwegian ME/CFS community as they await the outcome of an exciting new study.

Full documentary below, with English subtitles. International release 2020

For a transcript in English and several other languages, go to YouTube. Above the red subscribe button, click on the three dots and the option for trancripts becomes available.

Duration: 47 mins


A visual, brutally honest story on life with ME/CFS and new research.

It was a project birthed in hope. Pal Schaathun, a Norwegian filmmaker would document what he hoped might be the end of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). That, unfortunately, turned out not to be but Schaathun ended up documenting – in strikingly beautiful fashion – the next best thing. He managed to vividly portray the needs, hopes and desires of a community desperately yearning for health as it embarked on its first real shot for success.

Cort Johnson, Health Rising

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Last edited: 19 November, 2020