Voices from the Shadows (2011)

A UK documentary highlighting the stories of five ME patients and their carers, with input from medical experts in ME, Dr Nigel Speight and Prof. Malcolm Hooper; and ME researcher, Prof Leonard Jason.

Available free on Vimeo. Use the code 'VOICES'. International release 2011.

The film is in English, with subtitles available in Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, German, Japanese and English.

Duration: 1 hr 3 mins

Voices from the Shadows has a 30 minute version of the film available here.

Trailer below: duration 3 mins.

Warning: This film is considered to be unsuitable viewing for children and young people with ME.


Voices from the Shadows presents the devastating impact of disbelief and misunderstanding for five people with ME and their carers. Dr Nigel Speight, Prof Malcolm Hooper and Prof Leonard Jason provide context and expert commentary.

The consequences of harmful management approaches is discussed.

Voices from the Shadows won the audience award for favourite international documentary at the prestigious Mill Valley film festival near San Francisco in 2011.

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If we become seriously ill, we all expect to be treated with compassion and helped to regain our health. We don't expect to be disbelieved, blamed for being ill or dismissed by the medical profession.

Voices from the Shadows

A film by Josh Biggs and Natalie Boulton with music by David Poore.
©Voices from the Shadows, UK.

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