Lived Experience of ME/CFS – Videos for Health Professionals

Making visible the experiences that people with ME/CFS describe to you.

SBS The Feed (2018)

A glimpse into the lives of two young Australian women with ME/CFS.
Why is it still so hard for people with ME/CFS to get services and supports?

Fighting Disbelief: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Duration: 12:42 mins

LEFT OUT (2020) - Norwegian with English subtitles

A visual, brutally honest story on life with ME/CFS and the hope that is pinned on new research.

Duration: 47 mins

Unrest (2017) - US

An award-winning documentary that lifts the veil on the hidden world of ME/CFS.

Trailer below - duration: 2:19 mins

Full length documentary is available online, pay-per-view. Duration: 1 hr 47 mins.

Last edited: 10 December, 2020