List of Documentaries on ME/CFS

Making the invisible visible – pulling back the curtain on the lived experience of ME/CFS.

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Anil van der Zee turns the spotlight on himself, to produce this moving documentary unveiling the hidden daily life of a person bedbound with M.E.

2021 - Mysterious Illness: Living with ME/CFS - Germany

An investigation into ME/CFS focusing on the experiences of three individuals suffering from the illness, with contributions from European researchers.

2018-2021 - Dialogues for a neglected illness - UK

  • Patients' Accounts of Symptoms
    A collection of eight videos on different aspects of people's experiences with ME/CFS.
  • The Tangled Story of ME/CFS: Controversy, Denigration and Ignorance
    (1hr 11 mins 35 secs)

2020 - Hope to our Hands: The Hidden Story of ME/CFS in Japan - Japan

A moving documentary of those in Japan living with ME/CFS who are struggling to receive acknowledgement, medical care and support.

2020 - LEFT OUT - Norway

This documentary follows the hopes of people in the Norwegian ME/CFS community as they await the outcome of an exciting new study.

2017 - Unrest - US

Award-winning documentary, Unrest, is a personal journey from patient to storyteller that lifts the veil on the hidden world of ME/CFS and documents the beginnings of the global #MillionsMissing movement.

2017 - Jen Brea's TED Talk - US

What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose?

2016 - Forgotten Plague - US

Ryan Prior, now a CNN journalist, films a documentary that explores the experiences of himself and others in a medical system that has failed people with ME/CFS; and speaks with the clinicians and researchers who are working to change that.

2015 - The Last Great Medical Cover Up - UK

A UK documentary about the challenges faced by people living with ME, explored through interviews with six people.

2015 - Invisible Illness- Stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - US

A short documentary from the US about three people with ME/CFS, including Whitney Dafoe, whose father, Ron Davis, is credited with mapping the human genome and is now leading major research into ME/CFS.

2015 - Voices from the Shadows - UK

A UK documentary highlighting the stories of five ME patients and their carers, with input from medical experts in ME, Dr Nigel Speight and Prof Malcolm Hooper, and ME researcher, Prof Leonard Jason.

2000 - I Remember M.E. - US

The trailer highlights the 1984 outbreak of ME/CFS in Incline Village, US, after a patient returned from China with a flu-like illness.

Last edited: 20 May, 2023