There are many not-for-profit and government agencies that provide a wide range of services to assist people with chronic illness and disability.

Public Transport

Community Buses

  • Many local councils provide door-to-door transport for eligible residents to local shops, shopping complexes, libraries, cinemas, community events. Some also provide day trips.
    Contact your local council for details in your area.


Companion Support

  • Companion Card
  • For those on the NDIS, you can apply for a SA Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) including a Plus One Free Companion card.


Air Travel

  • Tips and advice for travellers with a disability
  • A guide to accessible tourism for people with disability
  • If you plan to travel outside Australia and receive a government pension or allowance, check the number of weeks you can be absent from Australia without affecting your income.

Other Supports

Mobility Allowance: You may be eligible if you have a disability and need to travel for work or study, including voluntary work.

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