South Australian Research

Researchers and clinicians in SA have contributed significantly
to the global understanding of ME/CFS.


Adelaide Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Group

Areas of study

  • Gastric emptying
  • Total body potassium
  • Lactic acid response to exercise
  • Influence of pyruvate in lactic acid response to exercise
  • Metabolic response to incremental exercise

Dr Richard Burnet, Dr Barry Chatterton, Professor Jon Buckley, Dr Garry Scroop, Dr Bu Yeap, S Lim, T Ho, Dr Robert Gaffney

University of Adelaide

Areas of study

  • Cognitive deficits
  • Subjective and objective measures of cognitive functioning
  • Cognitive functioning related to everyday functioning and symptomotolgy

Dr Susan Cockshell, Dr Jane Mathias

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Areas of study

  • Cerebral blood flow
  • Longitudinal progression in changes in brain structure
  • Age comparisons in brain scans
  • Brainstem dysfunction and homeostasis
  • Upregulation of prefrontal myelination

Dr Reynolds Casse, Dr Peter Del Fante, Dr Leighton Barnden, Dr Richard Burnet, Dr Michael Kitchener, Dr Richard Kwiatek, Setayesh Behin-Ain S, Steve Unger, Dr Benjamin Crouch, Dr Anacleto Mernone, Dr Steve Chryssidis, Dr Garry Scroop

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

Areas of study

  • Cytokine expression over time
  • Cytokine levels and symptom severity, including during PEM
  • Cytokine levels in severely ill patients

Dr Michael Musker, Dr Martin Lewis, Pamela Saunders

University of South Australia

Areas of study

  • PEM
  • Respiratory effort
  • Inflammatory indicators and physical activity
  • Pacing
  • Heart rate monitoring correlated with activity monitoring
  • CPET testing
  • Carnitine activity


Dr Max Nelson, Professor Jon Buckley, Dr Rebecca Thomson, Dr Kade Davison, Dr Katia Ferrar, Associate Professor Marie Williams, Dr Kylie Johnston, Daniel Clark, Dr Ashleigh Smith, Dr Kade Davison, Dr Stephanie Reuter, AM Evans


June 2017
Medial prefrontal cortex deficits correlate with unrefreshing sleep in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
Zack Y Shan, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Burnet, Peter Del Fante, Donald R Staines, Sonya M Marshall-Gradisnik, Leighton R Barnden

November 2016
Supplementary Material (scroll down linked page for download)
Zuyao Y Shan, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Burnet, Peter Del Fante, Donald R Staines, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Leighton R Barnden

April 2016
Progressive brain changes in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: A longitudinal MRI study
Zack Y Shan, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Burnet, Peter Del Fante, Donald R Staines, Sonya M Marshall‐Gradisnik, Leighton R Barnden

March 2016
Autonomic correlations with MRI are abnormal in the brainstem vasomotor centre in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Leighton R Barnden, Richard Kwiatek, Benjamin Crouch, Richard Burnet, Peter Del Fante

March 2015
Evidence in chronic fatigue syndrome for severity-dependent upregulation of prefrontal myelination that is independent of anxiety and depression
Leighton R Barnden, Benjamin Crouch, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Burnet, Peter Del Fante

December 2011
A brain MRI study of chronic fatigue syndrome: Evidence of brainstem dysfunction and altered homeostasis
Leighton R Barnden, Benjamin Crouch, Richard Kwiatek, Richard Burnet, Anacleto Mernone, Steve Chryssidis, Garry Scroop, Peter Del Fante

July 2006
Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Longitudinal Outcomes, Pilot Study Report
Kristin Clark, Peter Del Fante, Justin Beilby, Richard Burnet, Peter Cahalan

December 2004
Gastric emptying is slow in chronic fatigue syndrome
Richard B Burnet, Barry E Chatterton

November 2004
To exercise or not to exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome?
Garry Scroop, Richard Burnet

February 2002
Maximal oxygen uptake and lactate metabolism are normal in chronic fatigue syndrome
Charli Sargent, Garry Scroop, Peter Nemeth, Jonathan D Buckley

Last edited: 10 June, 2022