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Penelope McMillan


Penelope McMillan

Advocacy Lead, ME/CFS SA Inc.
Spokesperson, ME/CFS Australia Ltd.

A presentation featuring Penelope at Parliament House, Canberra.

Media Release

If you would like a copy of our media release for May 2023, please contact us or email our spokesperson at

Briefing Paper

ME/CFS South Australia has a one-page briefing paper explaining the illness, with up-to-date data on ME/CFS in Australia.
Please email or phone 0493 468 288 for the current version.

How to report with accuracy and sensitivity on contested illnesses

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Feature article by science writer, Julie Rehmeyer, on how to write about ME/CFS

Poster on how to represent ME/CFS more accurately in images

Use of the word 'fatigue' has created misunderstanding, dismissal and stigma for people with ME/CFS and has hindered progress in ME/CFS research and clinical practice.
It is important to differentiate between fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

Photo Gallery

For use with attribution to ME/CFS South Australia Inc.
ME/CFS South Australia Inc. retains copyright of these images.

Professional stock images

The German Association for ME/CFS has generously provided 37 professional stock photos (16 photos in variations) for use in media articles, which accurately depict the reality of people living with ME/CFS. Details regarding attribution and conditions of use apply.

Further information

Let us know what aspect of ME/CFS you are interested in. We are more than happy to talk and provide the appropriate material. Please contact us.

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