Event on 31 October, 2019

Skylight ME/CFS Community Event

Speakers: Dr Michael Musker (SAHMRI), Penelope McMillan (ME/CFS SA), Matthew Driver (Skylight Mental Health)

Skylight Mental Health Services organised a community event with the following three speakers.

Dr Michael Musker spoke about their current research: An analysis of Leptin, Interleukin 6 & Interleukin 1 Beta: A case control study in ME/CFS.

Penelope McMillan spoke from the perspective of being a patient and retired psychologist on how she manages her mental health, while living with ME/CFS.

Matthew Driver, who organised the event, spoke about the ways in which Skylight can support people with ME/CFS to mange their mental health.

Members can access the video of the three talks in Member Resources, under the category, Special Event Videos.

Last edited: 10 June, 2022