Event on 23 August, 2019

ME/CFS SA wins Big Picture - 'Give Back' Initiative Award!

A new website is on its way, thanks to Quisk and six other SA businesses who generously provide free professional services to one SA charity each year.

We are delighted to be this year’s recipients of the Big Picture award. Led by Kerryn and Jason from Quisk, this is a generous offer from seven businesses to provide free professional services to one South Australian charity, not-for-profit or voluntary organisation each year.

Quisk Design launched Big Picture - Give Back Initiative in 2012.

Joining Quisk Design in providing their services are Mackbel Films , Adelaide Signs & Graphics, Bowden Printing Group, The Oxford Comma, Photojo, and Promotional & Industrial Printing.

2019 Big Picture Award edited

The award enables ME/CFS SA to receive the following services:

  • website design and development
  • social media consulting
  • video production
  • signage production and installation
  • printing services
  • editing, proofreading and copyright services
  • photography
  • promotional products

Big Picture received 80 nominations this year, and of those, 29 organisations applied. Our win is an encouraging sign that the wider community is starting to recognise the great needs of those with ME/CFS.

The project is really taking shape now. We’ve had our first working meeting, and we have a busy year ahead, as we collaborate to make the most of this innovative project for the benefit of our community.

Events Big Picture First meeting
Our website team working with consultants from Quisk.

We are so grateful to the Quisk website team for their support and enthusiasm to help our community. They are keen to understand and have been listening closely. The full Quisk team plan to watch Unrest next week.
It's such a pleasure to be working together.

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