Event on 01 June, 2024

ME/CFS SA Art Show

What is your artistic talent?
Participate in the 2024 South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) by submitting your work of art to ME/CFS SA. Register by 1 May.
Submit artwork by 1 June.

During the coming year, we are going to do something fun that will bring us together - an art show!

While we know that not every member is well enough to participate, we hope that many will be able to submit something – a poem, a song, a painting, a video, etc. The list of possibilities is endless!

For those who would like to be photographed with their art work, ME/CFS SA has received a grant from Foundation SA to have a photographer come to your home. Works of art can also be submitted by email or through the post.

Our art work will be published in an online and in-print gallery for the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA).

The SALA Festival is an open-access visual arts festival held annually during August. The festival celebrates the work of living South Australian visual artists, regardless of age or experience.

ME/CFS SA's topic - Forever in Lockdown

Our aim is to give those who view our artwork an idea of our lives and make our community visible to the wider world.

Where: Forever in Lockdown, a venue of the South Australian Living Artists Festival online and a printed catalogue for members

Who: Members of ME/CFS South Australia. Not a member? Only $5. Join here.

Registration: Artists must register with ME/CFS SA by 1 May 2024

Completed artwork: No later than 1 June 2024

What to make: examples of creative works include:

  • writing
  • traditional visual art
  • culinary art
  • horticulture
  • digital design
  • video
  • audio
  • and more

Theme: anything you would like to do!

ME/CFS SA reserves the right not to accept artwork that is is not in line with ME/CFS SA's mission and values.

We look forward to seeing the amazing talent that exists amongst our members.


  • Q: Can I use something I've made before?
    A: We would like you to make something especially for this event, but get in contact with us if this concerns you.
  • Q: Will there be a physical gallery venue?
    A: We are considering if we have the resources and capacity to manage a physical gallery opening. Unless we get some interested volunteers, we won’t be able to have physical space.

  • Q: When can I start?
    A: As soon as you like

  • Q: The SALA Festival is a visual-arts-only festival, how can I do audio or written word?
    A: We will negotiate with each artist that does something audio/written to display the audio with something visual, in order to meet the festival’s parameters.

  • Q: How do I submit my art?
    A: First register with us. This will tell us if you want to be photographed with your artwork or if you will submit your work by email or post.
  • Q: Where will my art actually go?
    A: ME/CFS SA will have an online gallery on our website which will be linked to the SALA Festival. Reproductions/photos of artwork will be printed in a catalogue and sent out to members.

  • Q: How can I get my art in the catalogue?
    A: Be sure you register early and be sure that we have your artwork by the deadline, 1 June 2024. There is limited space in the catalogue so our team will be choosing based on what looks best together.

  • Not a member? Only $5. Join here.

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