Artist Profile - Jenni Gay

Adelaide, South Australia

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These photos show the views that the artist has experienced, from within a bedroom, while travelling in Australia. 

Image 1:

Image 2: Brisbane

Image 3: My view from home

Image 4: Lake Macquarie

Image 5: Yarraville


Description of work: 

Image 1: A window with vertical blinds overlooks a deck with white furniture, a blue ocean and a two tall green coastal pine trees.

Image 2: A window with horizontal mini blinds and an open door overlooks a sunny deck with a glass balustrade and glass table and chairs with towels thrown over. Past the deck is a beautiful waterfront in Brisbane.

Image 3: An Australian suburban 1970's brown window with security mesh and horizontal miniblinds looks out on a sunny garden with gum trees and green plants.

Image 4: An oversized window with vertical blinds looks out across Lake Macquarie past a large verdant palm.

Image 5:  A smaller window with horizontal miniblinds shows only a sliver of blue sky and a white picket fence gate as well as two roof overhangs.


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Last edited: 10 July, 2024