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20 October, 2021

A Big New Study From Oxford University Confirms The Bad News About Long Covid

Researchers from Oxford University set out to discover more about long Covid, and found that a startling one-third of people who caught the virus were still experiencing one or more symptoms between three and six months after being diagnosed. In many cases, patients had apparently recovered, only to find that weeks later they began experiencing new symptoms, or realized that they had in fact not yet shaken off the effects of infection.

19 October, 2021

Can Breakthrough Infections Lead To Long COVID? For An Unlucky Few, Yes

The vast majority of vaccinated people who catch COVID-19 will not develop Long COVID, just as they will not go to the hospital; many won’t even have symptoms or realize they’re infected. But some will develop symptoms that don’t go away.

18 October, 2021

Long COVID Is Ruining Lives, But It Also Presents Australia With An Opportunity

Profiles of Australian long-COVID and ME/CFS sufferers.

18 October, 2021

What Long COVID Awareness Means For People With Chronic Illnesses

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, healthcare professionals were puzzled by the patients who never seemed to fully recover from the virus. Since those first few months, help and resources have emerged for those experiencing what is now known as long COVID.

17 October, 2021

Potential Implications Of Mammalian Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin 7 In The Pathophysiology Of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Review

Research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

17 October, 2021

Banoffee On New Album ‘Teartracks’: “It Can Feel Very Double-Sided To Have A Break-Up Record Written About You”

After COVID-19 upended both her music career and love life, Martha Brown decided to make an album of honesty, heartbreak and humour.

16 October, 2021

‘Long COVID’ Is Painful, Expensive – And So Far, Impossible To Cure

COVID-19 vaccinations greatly reduce the risk of lasting respiratory and mental-health problems, but for many patients who got sick early in the pandemic, it’s too late. A difficult journey lies ahead for them.

15 October, 2021

Is This ME For Life?

Paralysed with fatigue, COVID-19 gave Judy a 'potential life sentence'.

15 October, 2021

Just Say “No!” To Psychological Screening To Predict And Treat #LongCovid

A campaign theme proposed by a psychological association reeked of pseudoscience. A community of largely disabled chronically ill persons politely posted solid evidence against the proposal on social media and got it abandoned.

14 October, 2021

'DISGUSTING' Anti-Vax Yobs Accuse Mum Of Using Wheelchair User Daughter, 15, As A ‘Lab Rat’ In Angry Protest At Covid Jab Centre

ANTI-VAX yobs in the UK have accused a mother of using her daughter as a “lab rat” during a furious protest outside a Covid jab centre.

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