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19 January, 2024

A Randomized Open-Label Clinical Trial On The Effect Of Amantadine On Post Covid 19 Fatigue

Many COVID-19 survivors experience lingering post-COVID-19 symptoms, notably chronic fatigue persisting for months after the acute phase. Despite its prevalence, limited research has explored effective treatments for post-COVID-19 fatigue. This randomized controlled clinical trial assessed the impact of Amantadine on patients with post-COVID-19 fatigue. The intervention group received Amantadine for two weeks, while the control group received no treatment. Fatigue levels were assessed using the Visual Analog Fatigue Scale (VAFS) and Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) questionnaires before and after the trial. At the study's onset, VAFS mean scores were 7.90 ± 0.60 in the intervention group and 7.34 ± 0.58 in the control group (P-value = 0.087). After two weeks, intervention group scores dropped to 3.37 ± 0.44, significantly lower than the control group's 5.97 ± 0.29 (P-value < 0.001). Similarly, FSS mean scores at the trial's commencement were 53.10 ± 5.96 in the intervention group and 50.38 ± 4.88 in the control group (P-value = 0.053). At the trial's end, intervention group scores decreased to 28.40 ± 2.42, markedly lower than the control group's 42.59 ± 1.50 (P-value < 0.001). In this study, we report the safety, tolerability, and substantial fatigue-relieving effects of Amantadine in post-COVID-19 fatigue. The intervention demonstrates a statistically significant reduction in fatigue levels, suggesting Amantadine's potential as an effective treatment for this persistent condition.

18 January, 2024

Attitudes Toward And Management Of Fibromyalgia: A National Survey Of Saudi Arab’s Medical Practitioners.

Widespread pain is characteristic of fibromyalgia. Patients consult different specialities, and hence, diagnosis and treatment is often delayed. To evaluate and assess the attitudes and management of fibromyalgia among medical practitioners in Saudi Arabia a cross-sectional study was conducted through an online questionnaire in November 2021. Screening demographics included age, sex, place of work, speciality, year of graduation, and practical experience. Questions about fibromyalgia (general knowledge and management, ACR criteria 2010, essential symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment) were also part of the questionnaire. There were 103 respondents, out of which 88(85.4%) have heard about fibromyalgia and 21(20.4%) had managed cases of fibromyalgia, while 32(31.1%) knew about the 2010 ACR diagnostic criteria. Commonest reported characteristics of fibromyalgia were excessive fatigue 74(71.8%), widespread pain 71(68.9%), weakness 54(52.4%), and sleep disturbance 38(36.9%). About 76(73.8% reported it is a clinical diagnosis and 75(72.6%) reported having the knowledge about the treatment of fibromyalgia. It was concluded that 88(85.4%) practitioners know fibromyalgia. However, knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia was not satisfactory.

18 January, 2024

Post-COVID Dysautonomias: What We Know And (Mainly) What We Don’t Know

Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic is another worldwide public health challenge that is referred to variously as long COVID, post-COVID syndrome or post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). PASC comes in many forms and affects all body organs. This heterogeneous presentation suggests involvement of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which has numerous roles in the maintenance of homeostasis and coordination of responses to various stressors. Thus far, studies of ANS dysregulation in people with PASC have been largely observational and descriptive, based on symptom inventories or objective but indirect measures of cardiovascular function, and have paid little attention to the adrenomedullary, hormonal and enteric nervous components of the ANS. Such investigations do not consider the syndromic nature of autonomic dysfunction. This Review provides an update on the literature relating to ANS abnormalities in people with post-COVID syndrome and presents a theoretical perspective on how the ANS might participate in common features of PASC.

17 January, 2024

A Discovery In The Muscles Of Long COVID Patients May Explain Exercise Troubles

You know that feeling of muscle soreness a day or so after you've done a tough workout? Now imagine that but much more. That's what some people with long COVID face after they exercise. And as NPR's Will Stone reports, new research is giving scientists a clearer picture of what may be going on.

17 January, 2024

Ardrossan: Billboard Placed To Highlight Long-Term Covid Impacts

A billboard has been placed in Ardrossan, Scotland, to highlight some of the long-term impacts of the Covid-19 virus.

16 January, 2024

Fibromyalgia, Free Drugs In Liguria Also In 2024

Regional Council in Italy allocates 80 thousand Euros for free Fibromyalgia treatment.

16 January, 2024

Strenuous Exercise Can Trigger Severe Damage To Muscle Tissue, Says Study On Long Covid

Exercise is good for health, but it can be harmful for some long Covid sufferers, new research shows. Those experiencing debilitating crashes after strenuous activity – a condition known as post-exertional malaise – risk severe tissue damage from hardcore exercise, scientists in the Netherlands found.

15 January, 2024

Petition: Urgent Implementation Of All Recommendations Of The Australian Long COVID Inquiry

At least 1 in 10 infections of COVID-19, lead to Long COVID, a debilitating multi-organ condition which can have devastating impacts on people's lives. Anyone can get Long Covid, including the young, healthy and vaccinated. This petition is calling on Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care, Mark Butler MP, to urgently implement all of the recommendations of the Australian Long Covid Inquiry.

15 January, 2024

The Continuing Fight For Long COVID And Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Patients

Billy Hanlon, who has been living with ME/CFS since 2017, spoke with the Amsterdam News in a Q&A about Long COVID, ME/CFS, and ongoing advocacy efforts. He is the director of advocacy and outreach for the Minnesota ME/CFS [Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome] Alliance, a nonprofit in Minnesota aimed at increasing medical education and public education and trying to improve the lives of those who live with ME/CFS, Long COVID, or other infectious associated diseases. The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.

14 January, 2024

Decoding The Mysteries Of Medically Unexplained Neurologic Diseases

New research may create some respite for sufferers of two medically unexplained fatigue-inducing conditions: myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM).

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