Event on 28 November, 2020

Seminar: Dr Barbara True, Rheumatologist

Topic: Pain and managing pain in ME/CFS.

About Barbara True

Barbara comes to us in Adelaide from the Eastern Virginia Medical School in the US. She is a rheumatologist, and has been working alongside Dr Richard Kwiatek in fibromyalgia research.

Barbara has taken a strong interest in ME/CFS and met with David Tuller while he was here in Adelaide. She has a long-standing interest in narrative approaches and those of us who are her patients have experience of Barbara taking many notes while we speak about our experiences.


Barbara spoke with us about pain, a topic of much discussion after our last seminar.

I first heard of Barbara when my ME/CFS specialist retired. My GP suggested Barbara True, saying, “She’s lovely. You’ll like her.” Well, I can confirm that Barbara is lovely. She’s also a published novelist. But of course, we all want something more than that from our specialist physicians.

Members can access a recording of Barbara's talk, a written summary, as well as the slides from her presentation, in Member Resources.

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