Event on 25 June, 2021

#SockItToME 2021

Seacliff Primary students turn out in crazy socks to support their former teacher, Mardi Angus, who now has ME/CFS.

2021#SockItToME Mardi Angus

It was wonderful to return to Seacliff Primary School to see lots of the students embracing the theme of crazy socks to raise money for ME/CFS SA. A total of $407 was raised and we are very thankful for the school community's generosity. I was fortunate to be able to speak at the primary assembly about ME/CFS and thank the students personally.

Mardi Angus, former Seacliff Primary teacher

Mardi's talk at the assembly

2021#SockItToME  #SITME Seacliff PS Group circle Landscape

On behalf of ME/CFS South Australia, thank you for having your Crazy SockItToME day. I would like to share a little bit about this illness and how your generous fundraising will help.

It makes me quite sad to be here today and remember how much I loved being a teacher before I was hit with ME. It’s also hard to explain to people as I look well.

There are so many things that I can’t do anymore such as going camping with my family and driving long distances. Reading books is difficult now and I don’t leave the house more than a few times a week, and that’s just to do things like take my daughter to work or go to the shops. I miss being able to hang out with friends and even talking too much is challenging. And some days I just have to make a choice – Am I going to cook a meal or have a shower?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is the current term for what was previously known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but that’s a really long and tricky name, so we use ME/CFS for short

ME/CFS is not tiredness. It is actually a lot more like Multiple Sclerosis. It is a very misunderstood illness and no standard, effective treatments are available. It’s a pretty astonishing fact that about 10% of all the people across the world who contract Covid19 will end up with ME/CFS as a result.

About a quarter of all people with ME/CFS are confined to their homes. It’s like a permanent lock down for them. The money we receive from fundraising and donations go towards things such as technology, to allow those people to have contact with others through weekly zoom meetings and information sessions online to help people manage their health and wellbeing.

So again, thank you for your effort and generosity today. It will mean a lot to many, many people across South Australia.

2021#SockItToME Seacliff PS Teachers landscape
Seacliff teachers step up for Mardi and ME

Seacliff Primary news

2021 #SockItToME Seacliff newsletter

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Background to #SockItToME

2016/17/21 #SockItToME with permission Lucinda Bateman photo
Dr Lucinda Bateman, Bateman Horne Center, USA

Dr Lucinda Bateman and her team at the Bateman Horne Center in the USA, have worked tirelessly to help those with ME/CFS.

Dr Bateman started the idea of #SockItToME in January 2016.

I vow to wear wild socks until useful biomarkers are discovered.

Dr Bateman, January 2016

ME/CFS SA felt that crazy socks would be an appealing way to raise awareness of ME/CFS amongst children and their families, by inviting local primary schools to participate in #SockItToME since 2016.

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