Event on 25 June, 2021

#SockItToME 2021

Seacliff Primary students to wear crazy socks in support of their former teacher, Mardi Angus, who now has ME/CFS.

We are delighted that the Seacliff Primary SRC (Student Representative Council) has organised a #SockItToME awareness/fundraiser in support of their former teacher, Mardi Angus, who has ME/CFS.

Seacliff Primary newsletter

2021 #SockItToME Seacliff newsletter

Background to #SockItToME

2017 #SockItToME with permission Lucinda Bateman photo
Dr Lucinda Bateman, Bateman Horne Center, USA

Dr Lucinda Bateman and her team at the Bateman Horne Center in the USA, have worked tirelessly to help those with ME/CFS.

Dr Bateman started the idea of #SockItToME in January 2016.

I vow to wear wild socks until useful biomarkers are discovered.

Dr Bateman, January 2016

ME/CFS SA felt that crazy socks would be an appealing way to raise awareness of ME/CFS amongst children and their families, by inviting local primary schools to participate in #SockItToME since 2016.

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