Event on 01 April, 2009

Ride for ME

Four Year 10 lads ride 380km off-road through the Flinders Ranges to raise awareness and funds for ME/CFS.

My mum has CFS and I like bike riding, so I figured I might as well do the ride for the cause and help out mum.

Nick Lawless, 1 April 2009

Nick Lawless and three mates, Codey Ellison, David Chadwick and Jack Rivers-Dixon, rode 380km off-road through the Flinders Ranges for a week in April to raise awareness and funds for ME/CFS Australia (SA).

They had numerous radio interviews and newspaper articles written highlighting their adventures. The boys raised a whopping $3,000 plus for ME/CFS SA.

Today, Nick and his team are selling Scones with Jam and Cream to the teachers at Woodcroft College for morning tea. This of course was simply a ploy to get them to also sponsor each of the riders and from initial reports this has been very successful! Sue and I baked over 10 dozen scones this morning and we employed a couple of friends to do the same, so they are all fresh this morning.

Kim and Sue Lawless, 25 March 2009

Bike Ride riding through ranges
Southern Times 1 April 2009
Ride for ME Nick Lawless and mates

Click here to read the Ride for CFS brochure (PDF, 112KB)

Ride for ME brochure

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