Event on 20 August, 2021

IACFS/ME Conference Poster

Misrepresentation of ME/CFS in media images.
International Association of CFS/ME virtual conference, held 19-21 August 2021.

Due to COVID-19, this year's IACFS/ME conference was held virtually, allowing many patients from around the world who are homebound and bedbound, to attend.

Conference schedule included:

  • research presentations
  • clinical workshops
  • virtual poster sessions
  • patient/public lecture series
  • Solve M.E. advocacy updates

Access to video recordings are available for a fee.

Conference poster

IACFSME 2021 Poster 36 x 48

As an organisational member of the peak body, ME/CFS Australia, ME/CFS SA contributed to the content and design of this poster, on how to represent ME/CFS more accurately in media images.

Poster: Misrepresentation of MECFS in media images

When the severity and complexity of ME/CFS are trivialised:

  • government agencies and philanthropists have no reason to prioritise research funding
  • clinicians have no reason to seek education
  • the public and thus politicians have no reason to engage
  • patients remain marginalised

Countering decades of epistemic injustice requires persistent and consistent use of both images and words that capture the reality of lived experience.

Penelope McMillan, Penelope Del Fante, Geoffrey Hallmann, Jade Barclay, IACFS/ME conference 2021

Summary of presentations

  • The IACFS/ME 2021 conference summaries are written from a variety of perspectives, with personal reflections.
  • International expert in ME/CFS, Dr Ros Vallings, spoke at our November seminar, sharing with us highlights of the conference. Members can access a recording of Ros' talk in Member Resources.
  • BodyPolitic maintained a live thread on Twitter throughout the research presentations.

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