Event on 17 May, 2021

#MillionsMissing 2021

This year's highlights include a house party, a short video, and a week of daily social media posts.

#MillionsMissing house party

2021 #MM 20210507 152343
Nailed it for ME!
2021 #MM  20210507 151104
#MILLIONS written on the toenails, #MISSING on the fingernails!

The traditional blue for ME/CFS gave way to a sea of red, black and white as we came together on Friday 7 May, to celebrate the global event #MillionsMissing. This year we added another dimension to the occasion, with people joining the house party online, via Zoom.

As always, it was a pleasure to enjoy an afternoon with people who understand. Now we get to recover from the payback.

One creative person went all out and coloured her nails red, with the letters #M I S S I N G on her fingernails and #M I L L I O N S on her toenails. Unlike many people with ME/CFS, she is fortunate to not be sensitive to the chemicals involved in nail art.

Another clever person made #MM earrings for us to wear.

The #MM house party kick-starts our week of activities to mark this year’s international awareness for ME/CFS.

Setting up
Nailed it for ME!
May 10th: Share Your Art

SA #MillionsMissing awareness video

Past South Australian #MillionsMissing events

May Awareness: & other Ribbons 960 x 960 grey Back

Background to #MillionsMissing

2021 #MM MM ME Action image 2021

#MillionsMissing, an #MEAction campaign started in 2016, is one of many global awareness activities held during May.

This year, one of the #MillionsMissing opportunities that you might choose to participate in, is to post your ME/CFS story, photo or video to social media, with the hashtag, #MillionsMissing and the tag, @meactnet. Their timeline for 2021 is in the image below.

#MEAction also maintains a list of global #MillionsMissing events that are happening in May, 2021.

2021 #MM  ME Action 2021 program image

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