Event on 31 May, 2020

May Awareness 2020

Due to COVID-19, virtual events replaced our planned face-to-face events.

Due to COVID-19, our plans with Concordia College students and local MP, David Pisoni were cancelled, as well as our annual Badge Day and #MillionsMissing in-house event.

Online events highlighted May Awareness in 2020, including the global events #MillionsMissing and #LightUpTheNight.


2020 May Awareness Lego for MM

#COVID19 lockdown has given children plenty of time to be creative. Some local children were inspired by the #LEGOMastersAU series on TV and came up with this creation for us.

It's lovely to have acknowledgement and support from children who understand the isolation of ME/CFS because they are close to someone who is one of the #MillionsMissing.



2020 May Awareness SAPN photo

#LightUpTheNight4ME was limited across Australia this year. Many locations around SA and Australia that have previously lit up in blue for ME/CFS were using blue lighting to thank front-line healthcare workers during this global pandemic.

A list of all Australian buildings and landmarks lit up each year as part of the global event, #LightUpTheNight, can be found at

SA Power Network supported ME/CFS May Awareness again this year. Their sign, on the major intersection of Greenhill Road and Anzac Highway, was seen by thousands of commuters each day.


2020 May Awareness LUTN SAPN 20170504 113156
SA Power Networks, corner of Greenhill Road and Anzac Highway
2020 May Awareness LUTN SAPN 20170504 110523
SA Power Networks
2019 May Awareness SA Power Network LED sign 2017
SA Power Networks sign

Background to May 12th

May Awareness Florence Nightingale 960x 960

In 1992, 12 May was chosen as the international awareness day for ME/CFS as it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of public health and the founder of modern nursing, who suffered for decades with an ME/CFS-like illness.

Florence contracted what was called 'Crimean Fever' whilst serving in the Crimean War. After returning home at the age of 38, she spent the next 50 years homebound and bedridden, achieving much of her later work from the confines of her bed.

Awareness ribbon front 700 x 750

In 1995, a blue ribbon was adopted to represent ME/CFS.

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